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How do I Change my Cooling System Air Filter?

Question Submitted by Angie L. Gainesville, VA : “How do I change my HVAC air filter?”

Maybe it started out feeling a little stuffy, so you turned the A/C up higher… Then you noticed that after a couple of hours it still stayed at a balmy 74 degrees. You didn’t panic, you turned to the “Google machine” and looked up the most common reasons for A/C problems. Then you found it, what you hoped could be the potentially easy solution to your personal sauna! You thought to yourself; “It says here that changing the filter in my HVAC unit will improve air flow…when was the last time that thing was changed?” Don’t worry, if you’re new to this, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to replacing your HVAC air filter, and you’ll be glad to see that this is one of the easier fixes you’ll come across in your quest for home comfort!

Step 1: Buy a new filter

As a first-time filter replacer, you’ll need to buy a filter that fits your system’s requirements. Before you head out to make the purchase, you can read through your owner’s manual, or just take a look at the current filter in your system. The specifications should be printed on the side of the frame so it’ll be easy to find what you need. You should be able to find filters at your local hardware store, Walmart, Target and even some varied grocery stores. You can even get higher-efficiency filters that work better and last longer.

Step 2: Turn off your unit

When you find the correct filter and you’re ready to replace the old one, you’ll want to turn off your heating and cooling unit. This is for safety purposes. Unit settings vary, so take a look at your user manual if the on/off switch isn’t visible. At the very least, simply switch off your breaker… Just remember to turn it back on again!

Step 3: Remove the old filter

This can be a pretty gross thing to see if you haven’t changed filters in a few weeks or even months. You’ll be surprised how much dust, dirt and debris your filter has caught! Most system’s air filters are located on the right side of the unit. You’ll see the square filter, and it should easily pull out of its slot in the furnace. It’s fairly uncommon, but if you’re one of those whose filters are located in the air vents of your home, you’ll probably need to contact the professionals at F.H. Furr to replace your filter.

Step 5: Inserting the new filter

Here’s the easy part! Simply slide the new filter into the slot the old one came from. Follow the arrows on the outside of the filter to see which end goes in first and what side should be facing where.

Now that you know how to change your filter, be sure that you change if every few months, or more frequently if you notice that they’re pretty dirty when you replace them. Changing your air filters can save you between 5-15% on your energy bill each month. They also help your system operate smoothly and increase HVAC life. In short, air filter replacement is an easy way to maintain your home comfort! As always, when you need tips, service, and professionals you can rely on, count on the technicians at F.H. Furr! Give us a call today to find out more about our heating and cooling services, deals and inspections!

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