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Infographic: What Is An EnviroAire IAQ UV System?

You hear about UV light and its ability to kill germs and viruses, but what IS an EnviroAire IAQ UV system? 

Topics: Indoor Air Quality IAQ UV Light Enviroaire IAQ UV-C

3 Ways To Stay Cool And Save Money This Summer

The scorching hot weather is right around the corner! Be prepared with these 3 tips to cool off while saving money.

Topics: Summer HVAC Maintenance HVAC

Infographic: 6 Benefits Of A Battery Backup Sump Pump

Here are 6 reasons why you need a battery backup sump pump:

Topics: sump pump Battery Back-up Sump Pump Plumbing Sump Pump Maintenance

Top 3 Benefits Of Investing In A Smart Thermostat

Want an easy way to lower your cooling bill this summer? Switching to a smart thermostat may be a smart move for you!

Topics: programmable thermostat Thermostat HVAC smart thermostat nest thermostat

Infographic: Traditional Vs. Programmable Thermostats

Here are the differences between a traditional thermostat and a programmable thermostat:

Topics: programmable thermostat Thermostat smart thermostat nest thermostat

The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance Inspections And Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Your risk of being exposed to carbon monoxide increases significantly if you avoid HVAC maintenance inspections.

Topics: Carbon Monoxide HVAC Maintenance HVAC System HVAC

Infographic: How A Whole-Home Generator Works!

Ever wondered how a whole-home generator operates? Here is the step-by-step process! 

Topics: Electrical Electrical Facts Whole-Home Generator

Ask A Trainer: Smart Homes

Ask A Trainer from F.H. Furr gives 5 reasons why you need to make your home a "smart home."

Topics: #AskATrainer smart thermostat smart homes