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Infographic: 4 Benefits Of An Electrical Ting Monitor

Here are 4 benefits of a Ting Electrical Hazard Monitor:

Topics: Electrical Electrical Facts Electrical Safety ting

Why You Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump

Rainy season is here, which means your sump pump is needed now more than ever! 

Topics: sump pump Battery Back-up Sump Pump Plumbing indoor plumbing

Infographic: Spring Plumbing Checklist

Spring is finally here! Don't forget to check your plumbing system while spring cleaning this season.

Topics: Hot Water Heater Plumbing Spring Cleaning Plumbing Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Spring is in the air, which calls for spring cleaning! But, did you know spring cleaning requires much more than organizing? To learn more, take a look at these 3 spring cleaning tips to help improve your indoor air quality!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality IAQ Spring Cleaning HVAC

Infographic: Why You Should Have F.H. Furr Clean Your Ducts!

Here are 4 reasons why you should have F.H. Furr clean your air ducts:

Topics: Ductwork Indoor Air Quality Duct Cleaning IAQ

Spring HVAC Checklist

Spring is here! To keep your comfort system running smoothly this season, here is our Spring HVAC maintenance checklist!

Topics: HVAC Maintenance Spring Cleaning HVAC HVAC Tips

Infographic: Whole-Home Fan Powered Humidifier Vs. Whole-Home Bypass Humidifier

Here are the differences between a whole-home fan powered humidifier vs. a whole-home bypass humidifier:

Topics: Indoor Air Quality Humidity Humidifier

Ask A Trainer: What IS A Preferred Partner Plan With F.H. Furr?

Ask A Trainer from F.H. Furr answers: "What is a Preferred Partner Plan with F.H. Furr?"

Topics: Electrical Preferred Partner Plans Plumbing HVAC #AskATrainer