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Infographic: 5 Ways To Protect Your HVAC System This Winter

The winter can be harsh on your HVAC system, so we put together 5 ways to protects it from the cold weather! 

Topics: snow HVAC System Ice Outdoor Unit

The Best Indoor Air Quality Products Of 2021

There are tons of Indoor Air Quality products on the market and we are here to tell which ones are the best!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality IAQ EnviroAire UV

Infographic: 4 Plumbing Problems Caused By Snow & Ice

Don't forget to take care of your plumbing system during the winter season! Here are 4 plumbing problems caused by the winter weather:

Topics: snow Plumbing Plumbing Facts Ice

Feel The Love™ 2021 Installation

We were thrilled to partner with Lennox again for the Feel The Love™ program, providing a heating and cooling system to a deserving person or family in need.

Topics: HVAC System HVAC heating system Feel The Love Giveaway

Infographic: 6 Tips For Holiday Light Safety

Who doesn't love lights during the holidays?! Here are 6 tips to help you light your home and tree safely! 

Topics: Electrical Electrical Safety Holidays Decorative Lights

December To Remember 2021

Nominate your own personal hero for the F.H. Furr December To Remember Giveaway!

Topics: HVAC System HVAC heating system Giveaway

Infographic: Heating Tips For Winter Entertaining

Here are 6 heating tips for when your holiday guests arrive! 

Topics: Holidays HVAC heating system HVAC Tips

Ask A Trainer: Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Ask A Trainer from F.H. Furr answers: “What does it mean when we say we're licensed, bonded & insured?”

Topics: Licensed Home Maintenance #AskATrainer Bonded Insured