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Infographic: All About HVAC!

Do you want to learn more about HVAC? This infographic shares some interesting HVAC facts that you probably don't already know!

Topics: HVAC Maintenance HVAC System HVAC Unit HVAC HVAC Facts

5 Plumbing Tips To Keep In Mind This Summer

Summertime means more people in your home! From cook-outs to graduation parties, your plumbing will be working extra hard to provide water for summer activities. Start your summer off right by doing what you can to make sure your plumbing system can handle the additional workload!

Topics: Summer Plumbing Plumber Plumbing Leak Plumbing Tips

Infographic: 5 Indoor Air Quality Facts

Recognizing and controlling common indoor pollutants can help reduce your risk of health concerns. Here are 4 Indoor Air Quality Facts to help you better understand the indoor air you breathe. 

Topics: Safety Indoor Air Quality IAQ IAQ Facts

5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem

Although you use electricity in your home every day, some electrical warning signs are easy to overlook or even ignore. Even the quietest electrical problems can add up and turn into something worse. These warning signs may not be loud, but they should be taken seriously. 

Topics: Electrical Safety Electricity Electrical Wiring Electrical Service Electrical Hazards

Infographic: 3 Main Causes Of Home Electrical Fires

Are you one of the many homeowners who prioritize safety first? Then you should know the 3 main causes of home electrical fires!


Topics: Electrical Electrical Safety Fire Hazards Electrical Hazards

How To Stay Cool At Night: 6 Ways To Beat The Heat!

Are you having trouble sleeping at night because your bedroom is WAY TOO HOT? Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to just crank up the A/C. Thankfully there are budget-friendly ways to keep you cool this summer!

Topics: Air Conditioning Cooling HVAC Cooling Service Cooling System

Infographic: 4 Fun Facts About Plumbing

Here are 4 fun plumbing facts you might not know!

Topics: F.H. Furr - Infographic Plumbing Plumber Plumbing Facts

Ask A Trainer: Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor

Ask A Trainer from F.H. Furr answers, "What makes F.H. Furr different, and how can homeowners choose the best company for their job?”

Topics: Choosing An HVAC Contractor HVAC System HVAC Unit HVAC HVAC Technician