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Infographic: 4 Tips For Indoor Electrical Safety!

4 electrical tips to help keep you and your family safe! 


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Smart Thermostat, Smart Investment, Smart Home!

As technology improves, our lives are becoming “smarter”! Smart phones, smart doorbells, even smart laundry systems! Adding a smart thermostat to your home is an investment in your HVAC system and savings that you’ll want to make right away! 

The Nest Learning Thermostat is a programmable thermostat with advanced technology designed to make climate control automated and customized around your lifestyle. One of the most important benefits of a programmable thermostat is the savings that occur when you customize your home’s temperature to adjust based off the needs of your family. Of course, smart home technology wouldn’t be “smart” if it didn’t give you the ability to control the system from your smartphone or tablet. Yes, you can control your comfort without letting your eyes stray away from your phone, which is the level of convenience we’re all accustomed to these days! 

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Infographic: Trade Careers!

Have you considered a career in a skilled trade? Here are 5 reasons why it's a good idea!


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4 Plumbing Warning Signs Homeowners Should Be Aware Of!

What in the world would we do without the miraculous invention of indoor plumbing? We know life would be a lot dirtier and less convenient! 

Even though the plumbing system is a huge aspect of home comfort, many homeowners avoid maintenance and don’t consider what’s going on with their utilities until something breaks down…and plumbing breakdowns can be rough! From overflowing toilets and flooded basements, to freezing water and thousands of dollars wasted on small leaks. Plumbing problems just plain suck! Fortunately, there are some plumbing warning signs that you can watch out for that might alert you to potential issues. In addition to being aware of visual signs or strange noises hat can become problems down the line, you can also have a professional plumber maintain your plumbing system annually so you’ll be protected from disastrous breakdowns that leave you feeling stressed and scrambling to get a plumber in your home right away. Check out the 4 common warning signs of plumbing problems below!

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Infographic: 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their HVAC Systems!

So your HVAC system finally bit the dust, huh? We know that’s a bad feeling, especially when you weren’t expecting such a huge appliance replacement.


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Ask A Trainer: When should you change your air filter?

Do you know how often your home's HVAC filter should be changed? Our experienced trainers are answering this question in our Ask A Trainer video series today!

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Infographic: 5 Reasons Why You Might Hear A Buzzing Sound In The Walls!

The first step to fixing this issue is identifying the source of the sound. Is it in a particular area of the room? Is it in multiple rooms? Information like this can help when you have your electrician come to your home to assess the noise. 

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Does Your Plumbing Rely On Your Heating During The Winter?

Most of the population can agree that frigid winter cold just plain sucks! In fact, if your home’s plumbing system could speak, it would wholeheartedly agree. That’s because your plumbing is heavily reliant on your HVAC system during those freezing days and nights of winter. 

Plumbing’s Winter Woes

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Infographic: 5 Reasons For HVAC Maintenance!

HVAC & plumbing systems likely use up the most utility energy in your home. In fact, over 1/3rd of the energy used in the United States is used to heat and cool buildings. An annual inspection will help ensure maximum energy efficiency.

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