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How To Find Your Home's Main Water Shutoff Valve

How To Find Your Home's Main Water Shutoff Valve

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Infographic: 6 Fun Plumbing Facts!

Here are some interesting plumbing facts you might not know!

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Ask Furr: Why Do I Hear A Buzzing Sound In My Wall?

“Why am I hearing intermittent buzzing sounds behind my wall? Is something wrong with my electrical system?” -Joe B., Rockville, MD

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Infographic: Plungers 101

Have you been using the wrong plunger to unclog drains and not even realized it? Here are 3 types of plungers and what they are used for.

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5 Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their HVAC System

So your HVAC system finally bit the dust, huh? We know that’s a bad feeling, especially when you weren’t expecting such a huge appliance replacement. With winter’s chill seeping in quickly, you might be rushing, trying to get some heat back into your house, but be aware of these common mistakes that homeowners tend to make when replacing their HVAC system.

  • Purchasing The Wrong Size Equipment - Bigger doesn’t always mean better! According to the Department of Energy, a large percentage of people who replace their HVAC systems end up getting the wrong size for their home’s needs. This can result in utility bills that skyrocket, damaged equipment, build-up of mold in the ductwork, and just overall uncomfortable living conditions. Make sure that you get a professional to verify the proper size based off of your home’s physical characteristics.
  • Going Cheaper - You know the old saying “You get what you pay for!” This is a prime example of that! If at all financially possible, do your best not to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the cheapest option out there. The reason for this is to avoid a system that will break down prematurely, won’t function well, and will actually cost you more to operate than a higher efficiency model.

  • Having A Non-Professional Install The System - We’ve all been there, looking to save where we can, allowing a friend who knows a thing or two to install something in our home, only to realize it was done incorrectly. The HVAC unit is truly the heartbeat of your home’s comfort system, so it’s imperative that you choose a reliable, skilled HVAC contractor to install your equipment.

  • Not Getting A Warranty - When you purchase a new system, be sure that the company you buy from has written warranties and will be able to answer questions you might have about the unit. If a company or contractor is not willing to stand behind the products and services that they provide, you should beware.

  • Not Getting A Maintenance Plan - Most reputable contractors will sell maintenance plans for home comfort systems. When you purchase a new HVAC unit, you should also enroll in a maintenance plan. F.H. Furr’s Preferred Partner Plans cover maintenance for your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, so you’ll be covered in all areas of your home comfort needs. 

The best way to avoid mistakes is to give us a call! We’ll help you find the proper size and brand of HVAC system for your home requirements, we’ll install the system correctly and with professionalism, and we’ll maintain that systems and keep it running smoothly and efficiently for years to come! Don’t hesitate, when you need us, we’ll be there!

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Infographic: 5 Warning Signs Of Home Electrical Problems!

Prevent a dangerous situation by paying attention when your home is telling you that its having an electrical problem! 🔌

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Plumbing: Signs Your Water Has Too Much Iron

The quality of your home’s water might not be something you put much thought into, but the reality is, the water that travels through the system into your home can come with all sorts of sediment and deposits. Many of these impurities are normal and completely harmless, but a high concentration of something could begin to cause issues. For example, an overload of iron in your water!

One of the major signs that homeowners notice first with an iron problem is orange staining, so if you’ve noticed this, then read on! Although iron isn’t harmful to the body, it can cause several issues with your water:

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Infographic: Plumbing NO's During The Super Bowl!

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, here are a few plumbing NO's ❌ for the big game to avoid needing a plumber. 🏈

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