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F.H. Furr's Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Electrical Insider Blog

Infographic: 3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Electrical Panel! ⚡

In Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC, we have tons of homes that are historical, classic, and/or over 30 years old. Don't get us wrong, these homes are GREAT but they do pose a threat when it comes to old wiring and electrical performance.

Topics: Electrical Panel Upgrade Electrician Electrical Safety

Infographic: 4 Plumbing Tools You Need!

If you are a homeowner or a do it yourself(er), there are certain plumbing tools you need on hand. Here are a list of the top 4. 

Topics: plumbing

Infographic: Indoor Air Quality - Pets Edition

We LOVE our pets 🐾 but they can increase pollen, dander and pet hair in the air we breathe inside our homes. It's important to make sure your filters and air ducts are free from clogs and debris for proper, healthy air flow! #IndoorAirQuality 😸🐶

Topics: Indoor Air Quality Duct Cleaning pets

Feel The Love™ 2020

Times have been challenging, and we believe that everyone deserves home comfort!

F.H. Furr has once again partnered with Lennox for the Feel The Love program, providing a heating and cooling system to a deserving family, teacher, first responder, nurse, or police officer in need of a helping hand, absolutely free!

Topics: heating system HVAC Installation Feel The Love Cooling System Heating and Cooling System

Infographic: 5 Tips For Electrical Safety

Electrical maintenance will prevent problems before they occur, boosting the performance of your electrical system while also protecting your home and your family. Keeping up with your home’s electrical maintenance needs will ensure your electrical system is in good condition, also improving the value and comfort of your home. Your F.H. Furr electrician in Fairfax County can help you with electrical maintenance, electrical repairs, and electrical upgrades to meet all your home’s needs.

Topics: Northern Virginia tips Electrical Safety

#AskATrainer Series: Why Do We Offer Flat-Rate Pricing?

We’ve noticed some great questions popping up across social media from customers who want to know more about our flat-rate pricing. Our trainers are here answer those questions! This is the Ask A Trainer Series!

Topics: Flat Rate Pricing #AskATrainer

Infographic: Do's & Don'ts To Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

Don’t wait until there’s a disaster. Have F.H. Furr come out and make sure that your plumbing system is operating properly.🛠️ Here are a few tips you can take to prevent a plumbing emergency!

Topics: Northern Virginia Fall Home Preparation plumbing maintenance