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Infographic: 4 Fun Fourth of July Facts

Here are 4 fun facts about the Fourth of July! 

1. Philadelphia was the first city to use cast iron pipes! 

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6 Reasons To Choose F.H. Furr

F.H. Furr knows there are hundreds of reasons why you should choose us over other plumbing, heating, air conditioning & electrical companies, but we've culled it down to our top 6. We call these The F.H. Furr Difference!

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The 5 Early Warning Signs of a Plumbing Leak

If there’s water all over the floor, well, that’s one sure-fire way to tell if your pipes are leaking. But here in Fairfax, Arlington or Northern Virginia area, plumbing is not just an all-or-nothing thing. Much like your body gives you small indications you’re getting sick, your pipes give off warning signs that all is not well!  Here are five signs that you may have a plumbing leak happening in your home!

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4 Hard Facts About Hard Water

Have you ever wondered what contaminants are in your home's waterSafe, healthy water is essential for life. You use it to cook, bathe, and even drink...so being sure it's filtered of all impurities is important. 

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The Recipe For Staying Cool This Summer!

Clicking through Pinterest lately for some new summer recipes? From fancy frozen popsicles, to fun drinks, there are a million options for things to enjoy while you cool off...but if you’re still feeling a little more of that summer heat than a fruit smoothie can cure, try F.H. Furr’s 4-Part recipe for keeping cool! With just a few “ingredients,” this recipe will enable you to experience your most comfortable summer yet. And the best part...it's easy! 

Step 1: Close the blinds and let down the curtains. It’s tempting to celebrate summer by letting in as much light as possible. Just about every magazine ad features a summery-looking beach home with the windows and doors flung wide open. Sadly, for those of us who want to keep the cooling bill down, this isn't our reality! As soon as the sun hits your home in the morning, the blinds and curtains should be closed. You probably already have these forms of “insulation” in place, so utilize what you’ve got. 
Step 2: Don’t cook. Yes, that’s right – you heard it from us. Step away from that stove. Turning on the oven or stove generates a significant amount of heat. Serve cold soups, salads and raw veggies and fruits. This keeps your home cooler, and who really wants a big heavy meal when it’s 100 degrees, anyway, If you really do need to heat something up, grab a cold drink and head out to the grill!

Step 3: Turn off the electronics. Turn off the TV and unplug the computer. These innocuous everyday electronics generate a lot of heat. Keep your home cool and your AC bill low by reducing – or eliminating – the amount of time they’re turned on. Plus, with all the electronics unplugged, you have more time for a good book, a chat with your neighbor, or playtime with the kids, all while maintaining social distancing, of course!

Step 4: Call F.H. Furr. If you just can’t seem to cool off, there may be hidden factors to blame. Poor insulation in the attic, drafts coming in around windows and doors, a broken cooling system, the list is endless. Spend less time worrying about it and let a pro inspect your home. We’ve been performing air conditioning maintenance and repair in the DC Metro, Northern Virginia, and Maryland area for over 35 years, so we know how to keep you cool!

Infographic: 4 Ways To Beat The Heat

Is there anything better on a blistering hot day than your home air conditioning? A/C is important not only for the comfort of you and your family but also for your home’s energy-efficiency. If you haven't yet, be sure your A/C is ready to beat the heat! Here are 4 tips to get you started! ☀️

Beat the heat-3

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Infographic: Ting - The Electrical Fire Hazard Monitor

Ting: The Most Significant Fire Safety Innovation Since The Smoke Alarm! Most homeowner's don't realize that there could be serious electrical hazards lurking throughout their home! Ting works to monitor your electrical system frequencies to alert you of any issues!


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