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Create The Home Of Your Dreams in 2019

Make 2019 the year that you finally get to live in the home of your dreams!

Once you are clear on what you want to accomplish within your home (or if you've got no idea at all), there is only one thing left to do, carry out! Whether you're looking to renovate your entire kitchen, or simply refinish your kitchen cabinets, the remodeling experts at F.H. Furr are here to help!

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How The Holidays Can Wreak Havoc on Your Plumbing System

It’s officially the most wonderful time of year, but the most wonderful time of year can quickly become the worst time of year when it comes to your home’s plumbing system, if you’re not careful!

With much of the season revolving around meal prepping and socializing at home, it is no surprise that most plumbing disasters strike during the holidays! If you are hosting guests, or a party this year, it is important to know what your plumbing system can handle, and more importantly, what it cannot.

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Winter Is Coming: How to Prepare Your Furnace

Your home is all decked out for the holidays, presents are under the tree, and your house is warm and toasty, but it is all too often that we forget about what allows for us to enjoy a warm, cozy home. It’s your furnace!

A furnace works by blowing heated air through ducts that then deliver warm air to rooms throughout the house. Preparing your furnace for winter, and regularly getting it inspected for cracks or proper ventilation, is imperative to help extend the life of your costly furnace. Here are 4 ways to prepare your furnace to keep you warm all season long!

Five Simple (But Important) Steps to Prepare Your Home For Winter

This winter is expected to be a cold, snowy one, with two-to-three major snow storms in the forecast. Have you winterized your home yet?

According to WTOP News, the predicated snowfall totals of 25 to 35 inches for much of the D.C. area and surrounding areas. Winterizing your home for the cold months ahead, not only ensures a safe and warm winter, but also allows for you and your family to stay warm this winter without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t like saving money, especially with the holidays on the horizon!

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How EnviroAire IAQ's UV-C Air Purifier Affects Your Home And Health

Did you know that indoor air is often 5x more polluted than even the dirtiest outdoor air? Fortunately, there’s a solution, EnviroAire IAQ UV!

EnviroAire IAQ UV-C Whole Home Purification System works continuously in the central air system to purify the air, eliminating viruses, dust, odors, mold spores, tobacco smoke, pet dander, germs, and toxic chemicals to provide the healthiest indoor air quality possible.

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What IS A Preferred Partner Plan?

What's different about F.H. Furr's service plans...

If you give any home services company a call and ask them about a service plan, they’ll give you a lowdown of the plan that they’ve put in place for their customers. Sometimes it includes quicker service, or deals on parts, it can include warranties or guarantees, and it almost always include some type of too-good-to-be-true selling point. So when you call F.H. Furr and ask them about their service plans, what will you hear? What is their Preferred Partner Plan? To put it simply, it’s peace of mind, it’s coverage when you need it, it’s Northern Virginia’s most trusted home service company having your back!

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5 Tips For Attic Insulation Efficiency

Fall is here! Finally we can breathe a sigh of relief, open our windows, and let some of that cool autumn air filter through our homes. As you enjoy this respite from the heat of summer and journey into the colder temperatures, you’re probably in the process of winterizing your home. There are many different ways that this can be accomplished, and one of the biggest is assuring that your attic is well insulated. This can save energy and keep your home more comfortable during these cooler months. 

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Why Your Fall Allergies Could Be Worse Inside Your Home

Fall is in the air, and that means that seasonal allergies are, too. Too many people think that they can avoid their symptoms simply by staying inside their homes, but the reality is that the air you breathe outside could be cleaner than your indoor air. Your home's air quality might be poor due to a lack of cleaning maintenance. Think about it, you clean your home by vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing down kitchens and bathrooms, and doing your laundry, but what about your air? It's time to start taking care of the air you're breathing, and fortunately there are several ways you can do it!

Topics: IAQ Fall Allergies

Ask F.H. Furr: How Do I Find the Best Plumbing Company

Question submitted by Danny B. Fairfax, VA.

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Flood Protection: Sump Pump Edition!

If you check the weather daily, then you've probably seen that rain and thunderstorms are here to stay in the weeks to come!  Although we all love a good summer thunderstorm now and again, there are a few things that make these little tantrums of nature unpopular with most people. These things include getting stuck in a torrential downpour, realizing the windows of your car were down, and the kicker...home flooding!

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How do I change my Cooling System Air Filter?

Question Submitted by Angie L. Gainesville, VA : "How do I change my HVAC air filter?"

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Ask Furr: Can Upgraded Plumbing Increase My Home Value?

Question submitted by: Abigail Bailey South Riding, Virginia

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Electrical Safety Outside Of Your Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

Each year Electrical accidents happen inside as well as outside of your home causing many damages and injuries. At times Electrical safety outside can be easily overlooked and not taken seriously. It's important to be just as careful inside with your Electrical as you should outside. Follow these quick tips to ensure your family and home's safety.

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Ways to Save Money On Air Conditioning And Utility Bills This Summer

Utility bills can consume a very large portion of your paycheck. Wouldn't it be nice if you could pay 25-50% less on these bills? There's a number of ways you can. Don't worry you won't find any low flow toilets on this list! Find out how to stay cool this summer without burning a hole in your wallet.

10 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient In Virginia

Going green doesn’t mean parting with your hard-earned green, or worse, living uncomfortably. These non-invasive steps can help you leave a smaller carbon footprint and enjoy a lower utility bill.

Common Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Get Them Serviced

Air conditioning problems can affect your comfort and health at home, particularly during the height of the cooling season. Common air conditioning problems can have a range of effects, from a complete shutdown of your A/C to a drastic increase in your cooling bills. If you experience a problem with your home’s HVAC system, calling in an air conditioning expert in Gaithersburg is the best way to restore comfort and energy efficiency quickly to minimize any disruption to your daily life.

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DIY Water Pressure Solution

Have you ever turned on the kitchen sink to get some dishes cleaned, only to find that the water seems like it's only on halfway? If so, you're looking at an issue with your water pressure. You're not alone, though, it's one of the most common home plumbing issues out there. It can be frustrating, but there might be an easy solution that you can try before calling in the pros.

Faucets are generally equipped with a device known as an ‘aerator’ that sits on the tip of the faucet - this acts as a filter for the water coming out of the faucet to direct it in a more straightforward manner and keep the water from spraying in any direction. Over time, these aerators get clogged with mineral deposits and sediment causing a restriction in the water. This leads to the dreaded pressure issue. 

To fix this, all you need is a pair of pliers and some vinegar of any kind! First, you’ll want to make sure your water valves (typically located under the sink) are both shut off completely.

On a side note, if the water valves are not already completely opened, that may be the cause of your faucet’s low pressure! Next, take your pliers and carefully unscrew the aerator off the tip of your faucet. Once off, let it soak in some vinegar overnight and it should eat away the mineral buildup.

On the other hand, if you’re experiencing TOO much water pressure then your faucets may not have an aerator attachment at all! 

So give this DIY fix a whirl, and if you're still experiencing problems with your water pressure, give us a call! We'll send a plumber to your home for free! Together, we can get that water running smoothly again! 

10 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

According to the EPA, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is two to five times worse than outdoor air. IAQ is not only important to your health but, also the comfort of your home. Listed below are the ways you can improve Indoor Air Quality in your home.

Electrical Safety: You May Not Realize These Things Pose A Danger

Homeowners within the Northern Virginia area know that electrical safety is important when it comes to their homes! From putting protective covers over their outlets, to being sure they have backup circuits on hand, they know their stuff! But what about the little things? Things that could pose electrical safety dangers that you might not consider. We've got a list of things you'll need to keep on eye out for if you consider yourself a safety guru like us!


1. Space Heaters

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Beware! 5 Warning Signs of a Plumbing Leak

If you come downstairs to find a flood of biblical proportions, that's a surefire way to tell that your pipes are leaking! But homeowners in Northern Virginia (and anywhere for that matter) would rather be aware of pipes BEFORE they burst! Much like your body gives you small indications you’re getting sick, your pipes give off warning signs that they're about to blow! To keep your home safe and comfortable this winter and watch out for these warning signs of a plumbing leak:
• Running water sounds. If you hear the sound of water even when no one in your home is doing the dishes or taking a shower, you may have pipes that are beginning to leak. A no-brainer rule is that if you hear running water, it’s probably running somewhere.

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness: The Importance Of HVAC Maintenance Inspections

F.H. Furr takes the safety and wellbeing of our customers very seriously; that’s why we want to send out a reminder for all of you homeowners out there to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning (CMP). If you own fuel-burning appliances, including your heating system, you are not excluded from the need to protect against carbon monoxide poisoning. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly 400 Americans die annually from CMP, and over 20,000 are hospitalized each year! That's a terrifying statistic! 

6 Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Spring is finally here! After what seemed to be a never-ending winter, flowers are appearing, trees are blooming and our cars are turning yellow--wait, what’s that last part? Ah yes, the pollen has returned with Spring, dousing everything in its powdery yellow substance. For those of us who suffer with seasonal allergies, springtime can be the worst time of the year. Despite the beauty that’s growing all around us, the allergens are multiplying in the air, making the first few months of spring utterly miserable. Sneezing, sniffing, dry throat, itchy eyes; pollen’s symptoms know no end! If you’ve experienced these allergies, then you know that they can make you so miserable that you'd do just about anything to get away from them! When allergies hit, most of us seek the comfort of our homes to escape the outside air, yet often times, the air INSIDE your home can be just as bad as it is outside. So how can you make your home safe from seasonal allergies? Here are 7 tips to help improve your indoor air quality and clear out that seasonal pollen--because it has no place in your home!

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3 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Add Value To Your Home

Ready to sell your home?
Looking for ways to add value to the home you already love? Whatever your home-value goal is, HVAC maintenance can help! 

In Northern Virginia, it's common for people to move around quite a bit, never settling into one area for too long. If that's the case for you, then you're probably looking for ways to increase your home's value before it goes on the market! We've got 3 reasons why HVAC maintenance will help improve your home's value and make things a little easier on you!

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F.H. Furr Warms the Community in More Ways Than One

F.H. Furr kicked off the 2017 Winter Season with our 4th annual Keep ‘Em Warm Coat Drive! We partnered with the amazing people at Volunteer Prince William once again in order to provide coats to children in need, with the focus being on kids ages 12 and under. By the end of the coat drive, we filled Volunteer Prince William’s office to the ceiling with new and gently used jackets!

4 Fun Facts About Your Electricity 

Electricity is a normal part of your every day life, but there are some facts you might never have heard before about what goes on through your home's electrical system every day.

5 Ways To Lower Your Water Bill

Looking for ways to save money this year? Look no further than your kitchen sink! We've got 5 tips for you to use when it comes to saving money with water efficiency! If you find your home's leak problem is a little more than you can handle, give us a call, we'll send a plumber out to your home absolutely free!

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Ask F.H. Furr: Why Does My Kitchen Faucet Have Low Water Pressure?

Welcome back! Today’s question comes from Dan K. in Fairfax, Virginia.Great question, Dan! And I tell you, we’ve gotten a ton of calls on this very thing! Today’s faucets are designed to conserve water and almost always include aerators. The aerators are made up of a disk with many extremely small holes with which the water must flow through. Often times, these tiny holes get clogged with lime and/or sediment buildup which will block the water flow and minimize water pressure.

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Frozen Heat Pump? Try These Troubleshooting Tips!

Winter's chill can be hard on your HVAC system's outdoor unit. Heat pumps are prone to freeze up during the winter, so while you’re preoccupied with business indoors, don’t let your heat pump become an “out of sight, out of mind” issue. 

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5 Fast Facts About Standard HVAC Filters

You're probably familiar with your HVAC system's filter, but we've got some facts about how a filter should be used that are important when it comes to improving the life of your system. These facts pertain to standard HVAC filters that you can purchase at most hardware stores. If you desire a more heavy-hitting filtration system, consider having F.H. Furr install an EnviroAire 5" Media Air Cleaner to help eradicate indoor pollution!

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Communication is Key.

As you know by now, F.H. Furr takes great pride in being “Absolutely The Best," and we’ve been personifying that motto since 1981. One of the ways we choose to focus on being better for our customers is through great communication. We believe that communicating clearly and accurately, as well as being up front with our customers, helps keep us stay at the top of our game!

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Mechanics, Equipment & Fully Stocked Trucks-What's This Mean For You?

You may have heard F.H. Furr in Northern Virgnia talking about how we're prepared for every job with fully stocked trucks, an in-house parts warehouse, and skilled mechanics. Well, yada yada yada--at the end of the day, what does this actually mean for you, the customer?

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