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6 Steps to Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Spring is finally here! After what seemed to be a never-ending winter, flowers are appearing, trees are blooming and our cars are turning yellow--wait, what’s that last part? Ah yes, the pollen has returned with Spring, dousing everything in its powdery yellow substance. For those of us who suffer with seasonal allergies, springtime can be the worst time of the year. Despite the beauty that’s growing all around us, the allergens are multiplying in the air, making the first few months of spring utterly miserable. Sneezing, sniffing, dry throat, itchy eyes; pollen’s symptoms know no end! If you’ve experienced these allergies, then you know that they can make you so miserable that you'd do just about anything to get away from them! When allergies hit, most of us seek the comfort of our homes to escape the outside air, yet often times, the air INSIDE your home can be just as bad as it is outside. So how can you make your home safe from seasonal allergies? Here are 7 tips to help improve your indoor air quality and clear out that seasonal pollen--because it has no place in your home!

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3 Ways HVAC Maintenance Can Add Value To Your Home

Ready to sell your home?
Looking for ways to add value to the home you already love? Whatever your home-value goal is, HVAC maintenance can help! 

In Northern Virginia, it's common for people to move around quite a bit, never settling into one area for too long. If that's the case for you, then you're probably looking for ways to increase your home's value before it goes on the market! We've got 3 reasons why HVAC maintenance will help improve your home's value and make things a little easier on you!

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F.H. Furr Warms the Community in More Ways Than One

F.H. Furr kicked off the 2017 Winter Season with our 4th annual Keep ‘Em Warm Coat Drive! We partnered with the amazing people at Volunteer Prince William once again in order to provide coats to children in need, with the focus being on kids ages 12 and under. By the end of the coat drive, we filled Volunteer Prince William’s office to the ceiling with new and gently used jackets!

4 Fun Facts About Your Electricity 

Electricity is a normal part of your every day life, but there are some facts you might never have heard before about what goes on through your home's electrical system every day.

5 Ways To Lower Your Water Bill

Looking for ways to save money this year? Look no further than your kitchen sink! We've got 5 tips for you to use when it comes to saving money with water efficiency! If you find your home's leak problem is a little more than you can handle, give us a call, we'll send a plumber out to your home absolutely free!

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