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Space Heaters: Top 5 Reasons This Heating Alternative Is A Bad Idea!

We've all been there; the heating system goes out and you just don't want to fork over the money to have someone come take a look at it and try to fix the issue. So you choose a quick fix instead. You run to Target, find their most "medium expensive" space heater and stock up. One for each room that you frequent, should about do it!

You're feeling pretty accomplished at this point. Sure, you might not have solved the bigger problem, but you certainly put it off for a while, that'll save some money, right? Well actually, this is wrong. Not only is it inefficient, but it can be a potential danger to you and your home! Here are the top five reasons that choosing this heating alternative is a bad idea!

Topics: Emergency Service hvac service Heating Service

Prepare For The Cold! 5 Tips To Eliminate Freezing Pipes!

As we prepare for frigid weather, homeowners are wondering how they can keep their home safe and protected from these icy temperatures. Freezing pipes are one of the most common plumbing disasters, going hand-in-hand with winter. With lows in the single digits, there is more urgency to take preventative measures against frozen piping in your home’s plumbing! Here are some simple tips that can help you stay ahead of the game!

Topics: plumbing weather Northern Virginia Winter Home Preparation

We Train Like NO Other.

F.H. Furr offers to its employees, through training and certifications, the ability to progress in the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical or Indoor Air Quality fields. Our training facility comes complete with a full-working wet and HVAC lab and state-of-the-art classrom and computer lab to enable the trainees to have access to the most up to date information available.

Topics: Training

Winterize Your Home in Five Easy Steps

Summer is in swing, but reminders that the Fall is soon approaching are all around us... From Back-to-School Sales and cooling temperatures, the signs that the Fall and Winter are approaching cannot be missed. With still optimal outdoor temperatures, now is the perfect time to gear up your home for the coming months ahead, and with them, cooler weather. Here are five easy steps to winterize your home.

Topics: Household Tips Fall Home Preparation Winter Home Preparation Heating Service

5 Ways to Clear Your Shower Drain

Let’s face it, before calling in a professional most people like to try and fix plumbing issues themselves. Although we understand that saving time and money, and feeling that sense of accomplishment that you fixed something is great, it can be pretty dangerous to take plumbing matters into your own hands.

Still, if you’re a fixer and you want to give it a go, we’ve got some tips for you. This blog post is dedicated to clogged shower drains. This is an issue that we see frequently because shower drains can get easily clogged with hair, dirt, soap buildup, and debris. Customers want it fixed fast because a clogged shower drain causes water to pool up round your feet, and mold and mildew to accumulate in the shower. Here are 5 thing to try when you get a clog, and keep in mind, if these don’t solve your plumbing issue, we encourage you to give the experts at F.H. Furr a call!

Topics: plumbing maintenance Clogged Drain Plumbing

Ready to Join Our Winning Team?!

We believe that what makes us “Absolutely The Best” is OUR PEOPLE. Hiring only career-minded employees helps keep the turnover down, and helps our “Family Focused Atmosphere.” It also makes everyone around them more efficient and be team players.

4 Ways To Prep Your Furnace For Winter

Getting your home ready for the holidays is a proccess, and prepping your furnace for winter should be a part of it! Here are 4 ways to prepare your house to stand up to the cold!


Topics: furnace

Protect Your Garbage Disposal This Thanksgiving!

Here at F.H. Furr, we understand the importance and value of being with family.We know that the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is one of the best opportunities to share in that special time. We also know that every family member who walks through your door on Thanksgiving day only has one thing on their mind—the feast that they know awaits them! Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all been thinking about the food for weeks! We’re anticipating it from the moment we wake up and watch the Charlie Brown balloon make its way down 42nd street in the Macy’s parade, right up to the time when we actually sit down at the table to eat. We’ve had visions of mashed potatoes, mom’s famous macaroni and of course, that beautiful bird!

Topics: plumbing garbage disposal

Creating Your Dream Kitchen

F.H. Furr has been providing their customers with home services in a professional, reliable, and affordable way for over 35 years. We are thrilled to say that we’ve added kitchen and bathroom remodeling to the list of things we do best, and we can’t wait to get started on yours! 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that many of our customers will be hosting and cooking in outdated kitchens. Whether your dream kitchen is a sleek, modern look, or a rustic farmhouse feel, F.H. Furr wants to help make your dream a reality.

Topics: Kitchen Remodeling

You're Protected With F.H. Furr!

Simply put: We want our customers to know that they're safe when they work with F.H. Furr.

4 Little Known Facts About Fall Allergies

Fall allergies affect thousands of people each year, in fact, fall allergies can be just as debilitating as spring allergies. Your home's indoor air quality plays a big role in how your fall allergies affect you in your home. Get safe, breathable air in your home today! 

Topics: Indoor Air Quality IAQ Fall Allergies

7 Things To Buy In November

Everyone loves a great deal, and the month of November has no shortage of them!

November is host to Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping events of the season, but your shopping doesn’t have to be limited to one day. We’ve got a list of great purchases for the entire month of November, so you can stock up, save, and get ready for the holiday season!

Topics: Heating Service Winterizing Heating Inspection

Do I Really Need a Heating Inspection?

The short answer? YES!

Your heating system accumulates dust and dirt all year long which can make it much less efficient casuing your utility bills to rise. Without regular inspections and any necessary maintenance, your furnace is just waiting for the worst moment to break down!

Topics: Heating Service HVAC Inspections

Energy Tips So Easy - A Kid Can Handle Them!

Now-a-days there are so many ways to save energy. Some are more involved than others and some are quite easy. We've come up with a few tips that are so easy, kids can handle them! Here's an image you can easily print out and hang up for all the kids in your home!

Topics: money saving Energy Saving

FALL = Hoodies, Bonfires & HVAC Checks?

With Fall fast approaching, the weather is about to start cooling down. In addition to cooler temperatures, allergy season will be peaking very soon as well! It's important for homeowners to ensure their HVAC is in tip top shape, as we'll all start to spend more time indoors.

Ice On My HVAC!?

With the recent HOT temperatures, you might think it would be crazy to see ice on your air conditioning unit - but it’s completely possible!

Topics: Air Conditioning

Have YOU Got The Remodel Bug?

Topics: Kitchen Remodeling Bathroom Remodeling


Does your electrical system need a check-up? Maybe giving yourself peace of mind for your home would help?

Do you have a plumbing system that hasn't been checked out recently?
In need of some HVAC service or maybe even a new HVAC system?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, our Super Summer Sale is the PERFECT fit for you!

Topics: Super Summer Sale

Helping Feed Our Community!

When we saw on the Haymarket Regional Food Pantry’s Facebook page that their shelves were EMPTY… WE KNEW WE NEEDED TO HELP!

Topics: Community Outreach

A+ Rated With The BBB!

Making sure our customers are happy is one of the main priorities of our business. We want to ensure the utmost satisfaction with all of our service appointments and installations.

Showing Our Appreciation to Those Who Serve!


Police Officers.

Topics: Community Outreach

3 Tips For Keeping Your Basement Dry!

Today we're bringing you a few tips on how to keep your basement dry! Sump Pump maintenance is key. You'll want to be sure that your sump pump is in tip-top working condition and here are a few tips on how to do that!

Topics: Sump Pump Maintenance

3 Tips To Ensure Your Home Has Cleaner Air Flow!

Do you feel like your home has a good amount of air circulation? Here are some tips to be SURE your home has cleaner air flow!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality air scrubbers Duct Cleaning

4 Benefits Of A Water Heater Flush!

Today we're talking about how your home can benefit from a water heater flush!

Topics: Hot Water Heater plumbing maintenance Plumbing

Our Most Asked Air Conditioning Questions - Part 2

We get asked questions about air conditioning all the time by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions!

5 Common Plumbing Emergencies!

If you've ever had a clogged drain, overflowing toilet or even a burst pipe - you aren't alone! We've all been there. In fact, all of those things are actually pretty common! If any of these happen to you, call a plumber right away! As always, we're happy to help!

Topics: Plumbing

Drain Cleaning Tips & Tricks

We’ve ALL had that pesky drain clog that nags at us. Many times we reach for drain cleaners that are loaded with chemicals because they do work. But did you know that the chemicals in those cleaners might be doing more harm than help in the long run?

Our Most Asked Air Conditioning Questions - Part 1

We get asked questions about air conditioning all the time by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions!

Topics: FAQ

Choosing the Best HVAC Contractor for YOU and Your Home!

Choosing a contractor to repair or replace your HVAC system can be a hard job. What do YOU as the homeowner need to take into consideration?

Topics: Choosing An HVAC Contractor

The Best. No Less Accepted.

At F.H. Furr, our slogan of “Absolutely the Best” isn’t just some marketing gimmick. It’s the cornerstone of our business. We believe that if we provide “absolutely the best” technicians and customer service to our customers that we will build the relationships that will sustain our business for the next 30 years.

Topics: Training

Plumbing FAQ, Part 4!

We get asked questions all the time, by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions! We'll touch on garbage disposals, water pressure, toilets, water heaters and even sump pumps!

Topics: Plumbing

Which Surge Protection Is Right For Your Home?

There is a 99.9% chance your home will have a power surge of some sort...whether it's from the electrical grid, or an upcoming storm....are you PREPARED?

Topics: Electrical Electrician Surge Protection

When You Get The WORST Plumbing Advice - Call Us!

"Sure you can put that down the disposal, that’s what it’s for!"
"Oh, your sink is clogged? Just use a drain cleaner and it will be fine."

When something goes wrong in your home, it seems that everyone knows something or someone to fix the issue but it isn’t always the best advice! Unfortunately, many times it can even end up making the problem worse!

Topics: Plumbing

Top 3 Useful Electrical Upgrades To Help With Wattage Issues

With technology on the rise, your home's electrical system may not be putting out enough wattage to handle the growth or enough electrical outlets for all of your electronic devices.

Topics: Electrical Electrical Panel Upgrade Electrical Outlets

Plumbing FAQ, Part 3!

We get asked questions all the time, by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions! We'll touch on garbage disposals, water pressure, toilets, water heaters and even sump pumps!

Topics: Plumbing

Get Your Plumbing Ready For Spring!

When thinking of Spring, we think of opening the windows and airing out the house. We think of making an appointment to have our air conditioner checked to be sure it will be ready when we need it. We think of swapping out our Winter clothes for Spring and Summer ones.

Topics: plumbing maintenance Plumbing

Keep Your Sump Pump, Well... Pumping!

If you neglect to maintain your sump pump, it may not be there for you when you need it most!

Topics: Sump Pump Maintenance

Air Out Your Attic, With A Solar Attic Fan!

Your attic is critical to your home’s comfort. When heat gets trapped in that space, it can destroy a home’s indoor air quality, that’s why ventilation is critical. By properly airing out your attic, you can avoid mold, mildew and stagnant air. A lack of air flow also makes your HVAC unit work twice as hard, costing you more money. One of the ways to generate air in your attic is through solar attic fans. These devices also provide natural light and converts the light into energy! 

Topics: Solar Attic Fan

Spring Has Sprung! Time To Clean The Ducts!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality Duct Cleaning

FAQ Series: Plumbing Part 2

We get asked questions all the time, by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions! We'll touch on garbage disposals, water pressure, toilets, water heaters and even sump pumps!

Topics: Plumbing

FAQ Series: Plumbing, Part 1

We get asked questions all the time, by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions! We'll touch on garbage disposals, water pressure, toilets, water heaters and even sump pumps!

Topics: Plumbing

Finding The Perfect Plumber?

The word PERFECT comes with a TON of weight (see what we did there?). Perfect is one of those words that has a different meaning to everyone! Perfect dress, perfect car, perfect shoes... Everyone has a different definition or example. Homes are no exception and neither are the service providers that come into them! What is a perfect example of a plumber, for example, could be completely different to one homeowner versus another.

Topics: Plumbing

Winter Sports Kept Us Busy!

As you’ve heard by now, F.H. Furr is proud to partner with Stone Bridge High School in Loudoun County as well as work with McLean High School in Fairfax County. Not only have we made educational contributions, our F.H. Furr Cares team heads out to the schools to attend some of the events and spread the good word about F.H. Furr!

Topics: Community Outreach

Have You Heard About Nest?

Nest Thermostat offers a vast array of ways to lower your energy bills! Who doesn’t love saving money? Here are some of the amazing benefits that the Nest thermostat offers!

Topics: programmable thermostat

Is A Whole Home Humidifier Right For My Home?

Are you having issues with snoring or bloody noses? Cracked lips or dry skin? These could all be caused by the air conditions in your home! If the air is too dry, it easily cause changes in your health. But a whole home humidifier could help! Adding humidity to the air in your home can assist in relieving sinusitis, helping colds heal faster and even support beautiful skin!

Topics: Whole Home Humidifier

4 Indoor Electrical Safety Tips

 At F.H. Furr, safety is our number 1 priority. Which is why when we do an Electrical Maintenance Inspection, we also conduct a safety inspection. According to ESFI, home electrical fires account for an estimated 51,000 fires each year, nearly than 500 deaths, more than 1,400 injuries, and $1.3 billion in property damage. Well here's at least 4 electrical safety tips you can use immediately.

Topics: tips Electrical Electrical Facts Electrical Safety

Is A Zoning System Right For My Home?

Topics: Zoning Systems

What Is Sewer Jetting & Would It Benefit My Home?

Clogged drains are a problem for every homeowner, but if you have ever dealt with a clogged sewer, then you know there in no fun involved when dealing with them. Clogged sewers can cause a backup into your home spilling waste in through your pipes. The mess, the smell, the bacteria - YUCK! One way to prevent this is with sewer jetting!

Topics: Sewer Jetting

What IS a Heat Pump?

Topics: Heat Pumps

Top 5 HVAC Maintenance Mistakes for Homeowners

Your home's HVAC system takes care of you, so returning the favor is the best way to get longevity and life out of your system! It's true that it is a year-round job, but doesn't take much at a time to keep your system's maintenance up-to-date and ensure your system is keeping you warm OR cool no matter the season!


Topics: HVAC Inspections HVAC Maintenance

4 Ways to Lower Your Heating Bill!

In the coldest of Winter months, your HVAC unit will have to work harder than any other time of year, with the exception of the hottest Summer months. When it works harder, it may stay on longer than normal as well, costing you more and more every minute it runs! We’ve put together a few ways to lower your heating bill and maximize your savings this Winter!

Need help with your HVAC system? We're here for you! Call us at 877-CALL-FURR!

How To Pick The Perfect Water Alarm For Your Home!

One of the things that is the most important to F.H. Furr is that our customer's homes are taken care of as if they were our own. We understand that your home is an investment in yours and your family's futures. We want you to know that your investment is important to us too, so we like to educate our customers on ways to protect their home as well as maintaining it.


Topics: Water Alarm

5 Curious Facts About Electricity

Are you the curious type? Do you constantly think about which country uses the most electricty in the world per person? If so, then we have the infographic for you! And, it's all about electricity!

Topics: Electrical Electrical Facts

The History of Toilets

Can you imagine life without a toilet!? The toilet is quite possibly THE most important invention in human history. Maybe not the most important, but definitely one that has had the most impact! Could you picture Manhattan with commonplace chamberpot disposal in the middle of the street or a back alley? YIKES!

Topics: toilet

Give That Kitchen Sink An Upgrade!

We all get the remodel bug every now and then. However, many times it's a cost that we don't want to foot the bill for all the time. Small projects around the house don't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Make a list of the projects that you might like to do and then break them down into smaller tasks that won't cause you to spend everything in your wallet AND the kitchen sink! Wait a minute, that's a great project to start with for a small upgrade - THE KITCHEN SINK!

A Healthier You in 2017!

Every single year in January, the American public signs up for gym memberships, throw away fatty foods and start eating better. But what about the air that we are breathing every single day!? We want you to be the best version of you in the new year! 

4 Tips to Reduce Heating Cost in the Winter!

With the cold weather upon us, heating costs tend to rise! Usually around this time, people start to think of ways that they can save money! While the first thought might be to turn your thermostat down and still remain chilly in your home, that is not what we mean! There are numerous things that you can do to save on your home's energy bills while still staying warm!

Topics: maintenance Heating Service

Save Money with an Industrial Electrician


Commercial and industrial properties in Maryland and Northern VA rely on efficient and functional electrical systems for a variety of everyday needs, from simple lighting and computer access to manufacturing and safety equipment operation. An industrial electrician offers specialized electrical services that include electrical system and fixture wiring, repair, analysis, and replacement in a commercial or industrial setting. Because industrial buildings and their needs can differ greatly from residential homes, trusting your business’ electrical needs to an industrial electrician serving Arlington, VA, is the very best way to save time and money.

Topics: Electrical

The Death Of A Water Heater

A warm bath or shower is quite possibly one of the most relaxing things to enjoy. But what if you went to step into that relaxing moment and immediately realized... THE WATER ISN'T EVEN HOT?! Relaxation Mode - OVER! You didn't even know that your water heater was sick, let alone DYING! While it's not always a sure thing to know, there are signs that your water heater's health could be on the decline.

Topics: Hot Water Heater

Problem With Your Toilet?

Truly, there isn't much worse than a bathroom that isn't in working condition - ESPECIALLY when it's because of the toilet. From a broken diverter in your shower to a sink that isn't working, there are many issues that can occur within a bathroom. But, an out of order toilet has to be the WORST.

Topics: Toilet Repair


Hamburger grease, potato skins, coffee grounds, disposable wipes, how many of us are guilty of dumping these items down our plumbing drains? All of these things are so easy to just toss down the drain as it's a quick disposal option. But the few extra steps to put them in the trashcan instead will be beneficial in the long run for the pipes in your home!

Topics: Clogged Drain

What Every Homeowner Should Know About A Water Heater Flush!

When things aren't working right, isn't it nice to have the option to just refresh? Well, your water heater has this option, and it's called a flush!  It is widely recommended by manufacturers that you flush your water heater once a year. Why? Because sediment, rust, and scale can build-up inside the tank, causing issues with your water heater's ability to do it's job! Plus, debris in the tank can lead to corrosion that takes years off if your water heater's life. A water heater flush is the solution!

Topics: Hot Water Heater