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5 Ways to Clear Your Shower Drain

Let’s face it, before calling in a professional most people like to try and fix plumbing issues themselves. Although we understand that saving time and money, and feeling that sense of accomplishment that you fixed something is great, it can be pretty dangerous to take plumbing matters into your own hands.

Still, if you’re a fixer and you want to give it a go, we’ve got some tips for you. This blog post is dedicated to clogged shower drains. This is an issue that we see frequently because shower drains can get easily clogged with hair, dirt, soap buildup, and debris. Customers want it fixed fast because a clogged shower drain causes water to pool up round your feet, and mold and mildew to accumulate in the shower. Here are 5 thing to try when you get a clog, and keep in mind, if these don’t solve your plumbing issue, we encourage you to give the experts at F.H. Furr a call!

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Ready to Join Our Winning Team?!

We believe that what makes us “Absolutely The Best” is OUR PEOPLE. Hiring only career-minded employees helps keep the turnover down, and helps our “Family Focused Atmosphere.” It also makes everyone around them more efficient and be team players.

4 Ways To Prep Your Furnace For Winter

Getting your home ready for the holidays is a proccess, and prepping your furnace for winter should be a part of it! Here are 4 ways to prepare your house to stand up to the cold!


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Protect Your Garbage Disposal This Thanksgiving!

Here at F.H. Furr, we understand the importance and value of being with family.We know that the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is one of the best opportunities to share in that special time. We also know that every family member who walks through your door on Thanksgiving day only has one thing on their mind—the feast that they know awaits them! Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all been thinking about the food for weeks! We’re anticipating it from the moment we wake up and watch the Charlie Brown balloon make its way down 42nd street in the Macy’s parade, right up to the time when we actually sit down at the table to eat. We’ve had visions of mashed potatoes, mom’s famous macaroni and of course, that beautiful bird!

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Creating Your Dream Kitchen

F.H. Furr has been providing their customers with home services in a professional, reliable, and affordable way for over 35 years. We are thrilled to say that we’ve added kitchen and bathroom remodeling to the list of things we do best, and we can’t wait to get started on yours! 

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we know that many of our customers will be hosting and cooking in outdated kitchens. Whether your dream kitchen is a sleek, modern look, or a rustic farmhouse feel, F.H. Furr wants to help make your dream a reality.

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You're Protected With F.H. Furr!

Simply put: We want our customers to know that they're safe when they work with F.H. Furr.

4 Little Known Facts About Fall Allergies

Fall allergies affect thousands of people each year, in fact, fall allergies can be just as debilitating as spring allergies. Your home's indoor air quality plays a big role in how your fall allergies affect you in your home. Get safe, breathable air in your home today! 

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7 Things To Buy In November

Everyone loves a great deal, and the month of November has no shortage of them!

November is host to Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping events of the season, but your shopping doesn’t have to be limited to one day. We’ve got a list of great purchases for the entire month of November, so you can stock up, save, and get ready for the holiday season!

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