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Give That Kitchen Sink An Upgrade!

We all get the remodel bug every now and then. However, many times it's a cost that we don't want to foot the bill for all the time. Small projects around the house don't have to cost you an arm and a leg! Make a list of the projects that you might like to do and then break them down into smaller tasks that won't cause you to spend everything in your wallet AND the kitchen sink! Wait a minute, that's a great project to start with for a small upgrade - THE KITCHEN SINK!

A Healthier You in 2017!

Every single year in January, the American public signs up for gym memberships, throw away fatty foods and start eating better. But what about the air that we are breathing every single day!? We want you to be the best version of you in the new year! 

4 Tips to Reduce Heating Cost in the Winter!

With the cold weather upon us, heating costs tend to rise! Usually around this time, people start to think of ways that they can save money! While the first thought might be to turn your thermostat down and still remain chilly in your home, that is not what we mean! There are numerous things that you can do to save on your home's energy bills while still staying warm!

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Save Money with an Industrial Electrician


Commercial and industrial properties in Maryland and Northern VA rely on efficient and functional electrical systems for a variety of everyday needs, from simple lighting and computer access to manufacturing and safety equipment operation. An industrial electrician offers specialized electrical services that include electrical system and fixture wiring, repair, analysis, and replacement in a commercial or industrial setting. Because industrial buildings and their needs can differ greatly from residential homes, trusting your business’ electrical needs to an industrial electrician serving Arlington, VA, is the very best way to save time and money.

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The Death Of A Water Heater

A warm bath or shower is quite possibly one of the most relaxing things to enjoy. But what if you went to step into that relaxing moment and immediately realized... THE WATER ISN'T EVEN HOT?! Relaxation Mode - OVER! You didn't even know that your water heater was sick, let alone DYING! While it's not always a sure thing to know, there are signs that your water heater's health could be on the decline.

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Problem With Your Toilet?

Truly, there isn't much worse than a bathroom that isn't in working condition - ESPECIALLY when it's because of the toilet. From a broken diverter in your shower to a sink that isn't working, there are many issues that can occur within a bathroom. But, an out of order toilet has to be the WORST.

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Hamburger grease, potato skins, coffee grounds, disposable wipes, how many of us are guilty of dumping these items down our plumbing drains? All of these things are so easy to just toss down the drain as it's a quick disposal option. But the few extra steps to put them in the trashcan instead will be beneficial in the long run for the pipes in your home!

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What Every Homeowner Should Know About A Water Heater Flush!

When things aren't working right, isn't it nice to have the option to just refresh? Well, your water heater has this option, and it's called a flush!  It is widely recommended by manufacturers that you flush your water heater once a year. Why? Because sediment, rust, and scale can build-up inside the tank, causing issues with your water heater's ability to do it's job! Plus, debris in the tank can lead to corrosion that takes years off if your water heater's life. A water heater flush is the solution!

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