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FREEZE FRAME! F.H. Furr Does The  Mannequin Challenge!

At F.H. Furr, we believe that making sure our customers are 100% satisfied is very important, sometimes we like to let our hair down and have a bit of fun!

Coat Drive 2016 WRAPPED UP (In Warmth!)

This year's "Keep 'Em Warm Coat Drive" was a HUGE hit! By the time we collected everything, we provided over 400 coats to local organizations! Our employees brought in coats, we had some help from a local Cub Scout pack and we had numerous locations around the area as well!

Topics: Community Outreach Keep Em Warm Coat Drive

Holiday Parties? GET HOME SAFE!

It's the holiday season and that means holiday parties, happy hours and celebrations of all kinds!

Topics: Community Outreach

Interested In An HVAC Career?

Did you know that the HVAC career field adds around 10,000 jobs around the country every year?! If this is a career field you're thinking of pursuing, then it's a good idea to know the details of the job and what will be expected of you!

Topics: hvac service Employment

Winter Flood Risks! [Infographic]

Usually when we think of flooding, we think of continuous days of Spring and Summer rain. Did you know that flooding can be just as common in the Winter, but with snow? Sure it isn’t an issue when the snow is coming down and creating a beautiful Winter Wonderland. But when it stops coming down and starts melting - it can easily become an issue!

Topics: Flooding Risks

Cold Weather Is On The Way!

Temperatures will be dropping by 10-15 degrees in the next week. Is your HVAC system ready?

Topics: HVAC Inspections Keep Em Warm Coat Drive

Holiday Wishes for Warriors

Christmas time is one of the most magical times of the year. Families decorate their homes, put up their trees and prepare to have family from all over. For some of our nation's bravest and greatest warriors, their holidays are spent in military hospitals recovering from their injuries and illnesses.

Topics: Community Outreach

Think You're Cut Out for Plumbing?

Did you know that the Department of Labor projects that pumbers will be one of the highest growing career fields between now and 2020? Because the job is going to be in such high demand, it may be the career for you if you're deciding on a new career or a career change!

Topics: plumbing Employment