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Keep 'Em Warm 2016!

Each year, F.H. Furr leads the charge in the community to help Volunteer Prince William collect clean, gently used or new, warm coats to deliver to needy children.

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Black Friday - Through the Eyes of a Plumber!

Thanksgiving Day is a day that so many people look forward to! Family, friends, football... AND FOOD!

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When & Where Are GFCI Outlets Required (Timeline)

GFCI receptacles were required in houses starting in 1971. The following timeline applies to most municipalities, but some local codes may be different.


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How To Test Your GFCI Outlet

GFCI's have one flaw...they wear out!

By detecting dangerous electrical current flow and shutting off power, GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) outlets save thousands of lives each year. But after around 10 years, the monitoring circuitry inside a GFCI wears out. This is why knowing how to test your outlets are vitally important.

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McLean Homecoming!

Friday Night Lights are one of the most exciting things that high school students look forward to. Whether it's because they're a football player, cheerleader, marching band or just going to watch the game - it's something most high school students get excited about during the Fall.

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Ashburn Youth Football League

Did you know that F.H. Furr donates 10% of its' profits to charities, local organizations and schools? Our League Sponsorship of Ashburn Youth Football League is an example of JUST that!

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