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Safety First! Know the Service Technician Coming Into Your Home!

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Our Electrical Services

We know that your home’s electricity is vital to your comfort, and proper installation is a necessity when it comes to safety! Now that you know you can call on us for ALL of your home’s service needs, find out what we can do for you! Listed below are our Electrical Services and briefly what each entail.

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Our Plumbing Services

F.H.Furr offers a wide variety of services. Listed below are our Plumbing Services and breifly what each entail.

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Our Indoor Air Quality Services

The air that your family breathes outside could be cleaner then what they’re breathing inside. It’s a crazy reality, but these days, Indoor Air Quality can actually aggravate allergies as much as the air outside that is breeding the pollutants. To ensure your air is clean check out some of our Indoor Air Quality Services. Listed below are each service we provide with a brief description of what each entail. 

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How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your home's Indoor Air Quality is very important for a happy home. Indoor Air Quality can affect your allergies, asthma and more. To ensure your health is out of harms way, check out the infographic below on how to improve your Indoor Air Quality. 

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Five Essential Home Plumbing Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder exactly which tools to add to your home collection? While the number of tools are plentiful and the tasks each are made for are even more numerous, sticking to the basic essentials are key for every homeowner. Unless you are more skilled, have more technical knowledge and/or repair know-how, these five essential plumbing tools will make sure you have what you need for a speedy home repair when you need it.

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