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Don't Overlook Heat Pump Maintenance This Winter

Winter is in full swing! After our massive Jonas Blizzard, homeowners might be wondering what's next! Whether you're rooting for more snow, or you're hoping what's left in your yard is the last of it, you can be sure that there's more cold on the way. With that being said, it's important to be sure your heat pump is up to the challenge of keeping you and your family warm, no matter what the weather brings! 

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Is Your Cozy Home Costing You?

During the cold winter months, you might crank your heat up to achieve a cozy, warm feeling that can only come when your heating system is kicking! But have you considered what that toasty feeling might be costing you? If your home is suffering from leaks, you could be losing money--and fast!

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Prevent Your Heating System From Cracking Up!

So you get the news that you might have a cracked heat exchanger.  If you’re one of the many homeowners who isn’t quite sure what that means, or even what your heat exchanger is, we can help you to decipher the technical-talk and get to the bottom of your home's issue. 

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Ask Furr: Is Licensed, Bonded & Insured Important?

Q: "Your company says that they're " licensed, bonded and insured". I've done research and a lot of other companies don't seem to be able to say that. What is a "Licensed, Bonded and Insured" company vs. one that isn't?" -Cindy C. Great Falls, VA


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Duct Sealant vs. Plumber’s Putty

Duct sealant and plumber’s putty are two different compounds often used to make repairs around the home. These products have different purposes, as well as various properties that suit them to some repairs over others. Both plumber’s putty and duct sealant are just two of many tools your Northern VA plumber has at his disposal when he visits your home for plumbing installation, maintenance, or repairs. Depending on the job at hand, he may use one or both of these products to complete the service you have requested.

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