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Water Heater Repair Vs. Replacement

Your home’s water heater plays an important part in your everyday activities, from washing clothing and dishes to bathing in comfort. Getting to know your water heater can help you learn how to maintain it properly to improve its efficiency, as well as spot changes in function that signal the need for a professional plumbing assessment. Most water heaters can be expected to last 10-20 years, depending on the model. Being in-the-know about your water heater’s age and performance can also help you decide whether to repair or replace it if something goes wrong.

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Ask Furr: I think my garbage disposal is stuck, what do I do?


"I think my garbage disposal is stuck, what do I do?" Question submitted by Laura W. Fair Lakes, VA

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Need an HVAC Tune-Up? When to Call the Professionals

Your HVAC system is designed to function efficiently without requiring much help from you. However, regular tune-ups are needed to ensure the system is clean and replace or repair parts as they become worn with use. Although you should plan to schedule regular tune-ups with your professional HVAC service regardless of your system’s function, there are a few noticeable signs that your furnace or air conditioner are struggling and needs a little extra help. Addressing these issues as soon as you notice them will help you keep your energy bills low and prevent a complete breakdown in your heating or cooling system.

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Common Signs That It Might Be Time To Replace Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is likely the most important home comfort system that you have installed in your house. So when it comes down to it, taking care of your heating and cooling unit should be high on the priority list! So what do you do if you've noticed that it's not working the way it used to. Is it too old, does it need a tuneup? If you've got concerns that it might be time to replace your HVAC system, here are some sure signs that you should consider installing a new system in your home!

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How a Plumber Can Help with High Water Bills

If your water bills have begun to climb without a corresponding change in the way you use water, it’s a sure sign that professional help is needed. High water bills often result from inefficient or damaged plumbing, which causes excess water waste that translates directly into higher monthly costs for you. Your professional plumber can help you find the source of your high water bills and eliminate it to reduce your water usage and lower your monthly utility payments to help your home save water and money.

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Plumbers: From Pipe Cleaning to Plumbing System Replacement

Your home plumbing system delivers the water you need when you need it, then carries wastewater away from your home for treatment. Plumbing issues can run the gamut from small inconveniences to major emergencies, but your Fairfax County plumber is here to help you handle them all. Whether you’re experiencing a slow drain or are dealing with widespread issues due to an aging plumbing system, calling in a plumber for professional help is the key to restoring your home’s plumbing function smoothly and stress-free.

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Ask Furr: How do I change my HVAC Air Filter?

Question Submitted by Angie L. Gainesville, VA : "How do I change my HVAC air filter?"

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