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The 5-Step Recipe For Staying Cool This Summer!

We’re willing to bet you’ve been swapping recipes with a neighbor or two here in Northern, VA. Maybe you've discovered the secret to the perfect homemade lemonade. We won’t deny that’s one way to stay cool this summer. But if you’re still feeling a little suffocated, try F.H. Furr’s 5-Part recipe for keeping cool. With only five “ingredients,” our recipe is simple, but will enable you to experience your most comfortable summer yet. If you want to thank us later, you can forward along that lemonade recipe – or better yet, bring us a batch!

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Do You Need Electrical Repair in Gaithersburg?

From minor inconveniences to major disruptions, electrical problems can cause stress and affect your ability to complete or enjoy daily activities. Recognizing the need for electrical repair in Gaithersburg is the first step toward greater convenience and comfort at home. The sooner you contact your residential electrician for service, the faster you’ll enjoy a safe and functional home electrical system once more.

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When Do I Need to Call for Drain Cleaning Repair vs. Replacement?

Your home’s plumbing system contains drains to funnel wastewater away from your sinks, tubs, toilets, showers, and water-using appliances. In addition to the drains inside your home, there is also a main sewer drain that consolidates all your wastewater and carries it from your home to the sewer under your street. Clogs are a common problem that can affect the function of the drains inside your home and beneath your property. Knowing the signs that you need drain repair or replacement in Fairfax or Montgomery County can prevent clogs and deterioration from causing backups and leaks that damage your home or your property, as well as wasted water and high utility bills.

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My AC Is Freezing: Do I Need an AC Repair?

Air conditioners are designed to provide cool air for your home on hot summer days. Keeping your air conditioner in good repair means enjoying more than a decade of efficient, effective cooling and low energy bills. By contrast, poor air conditioner function will consume more energy without cooling your home properly, leading to discomfort, higher bills, and more frequent breakdowns that require professional AC repair. If you notice frost or ice on your air conditioner, it’s important to take steps to correct the situation. Ice that is allowed to persist can cause damage to your air conditioner and the surrounding area, leaving you with an expensive situation to clean up.

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What to Expect from Your Fairfax County Electrician

Electrical repair and upgrades are not a DIY project. Your home’s electrical systems require special care and knowledge to ensure repairs or changes are completed properly for convenience and safety. When you experience electrical problems or want to make a change to your electrical system at home, the best course of action is to call your residential electrician serving Fairfax County for the assistance you need to address problems or make the upgrades you want.

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Ask Furr: Noticing smelly water. What’s the Cause?


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What You Should Know About Whole Home Dehumidifiers!

Is your home sticky and hot? We might just have the perfect solution for Northern Virginia homeowners!

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