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6 Tricks to Avoid Winter Risks in 2015!

Low temperatures make for increased risk of heating problems

You’ve heard it said, “The best offense is a good defense!” The same is true for your home comfort needs. In order to withstand heating troubles during the cold winter months, make sure you have regular maintenance performed on your home’s heating systems. Take back your comfort, reduce heating costs, and prevent the need for future repairs and replacements! Take our advice in avoiding winter risks!
In addition to regular maintenance, recognize the value of periodic inspections on all heating equipment. F.H. Furr’s comfort consultants can identify existing problems as well as potential issues, not to mention those hot and cold spots in the home where you can take simple, no-cost action to protect against the cold! Here are some simple tricks that can help you avoid heating disasters!

1. Set your thermostat to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and your water heater to a standard setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You may be able to save an estimated 5% on your utility bill for each degree you drop within the 60-70 degree range on our thermostat, and there is a potential to save 7-11percent on your hot water heating bill!

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4 Tips To Prevent Holiday Toilet Clogs!

Take a look at this helpful infographic in order to avoid those nasty toilet backups while you've got guests in your home! It's the holidays! The last think you need is a toilet clog! We're got a few simple suggestions that could make all the difference in your home this season!

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5 Essential Tips to Find An Honest Plumber

Most people put a lot of work into finding a new dentist or hair stylist. They’ll ask friends, neighbors and coworkers, or even the checkout girl at the grocery store. They’ll obsessively read online reviews and maybe even do an office visit. But how much energy does anyone put into finding a plumber in Northern, Va. You already know the best way to find a reliable plumber is by word-of-mouth. But if you’re new to the area or prefer to scour the internet, heed these five crucial tips to ensure your plumber is a good, honest fit.

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5 Winter Plumbing Issues And How To Avoid Them

Winter is in full swing, and Jack Frost is blowing that icy chill our way! Not only can winter be uncomfortably cold, but it’s often stressful as well. Most people want their homes to be warm, inviting and stress free during the winter months. Unfortunately, one of the most common issues for homeowners this time of year is their plumbing. Here are 5 of the biggest winter plumbing issues, along with some tips on how to prevent them....because come on, there’s nothing warm or cozy about a clogged toilet!

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5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Fluctuating Temperatures

We've had some crazy weather this winter. 60 degrees to snow, followed by rain and cold! Old mother nature just can't seem to decide what the plan is! Well, we have a feeling it'll be cold from here on out, still, fluctuating weather temperatures often lead to the common winter cold. Despite how common they may be, they are miserable! We've got 5 tips for you to fight back this winter and stay healthy! According to WGNO's Dr. Rachel Reitan, "Cold weather does predispose you to getting sick". It's also a common known fact that drastic weather changes can add stress to your body, including causing asthma and allergies to flare up...who knew? Keep that annual cold away! We'll show you how!

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