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Is Your Water Pressure Off Balance?

We’ve all had it happen—waking up at the crack of dawn for work, nearly falling asleep during your morning shower, when all of a sudden, a toilet flushes in another bathroom and you suddenly find yourself dodging liquid bullets of icy water in a tile chamber of torture! You gasp for air, clutching the shower curtain in your fist as you proceed to slip on the porcelain flooring of your tub! You plunge down, ripping the curtain off ring by ring by ring…

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Halloween Weather Watch! Snow In The Forecast? Be Prepared For Cold!

Perhaps you've heard rumors of snow in our forecast for the weekend of Halloween! There's a good chance that you're correct. Snow has been predicted for this upcoming Friday in several areas of Virginia and cold weather could be coming in full force on the heels of record warmth earlier this week. According to weather reports, with the expected intensity of this upper-air disturbance and magnitude/depth of cold air plunging south, some of us could experience an accumulation of snow this weekend!

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Ask Furr: My Water Smells Strange! What Could It Be?

Question Submitted by Cathy F., Manassas, VA

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Water Heaters - A Brief History

With today's technological advances, we often take simple daily luxuries for granted. Case in point, the hot water that flows readily from our home faucets. So adept to the availability of heated water, do we ever stop to think how it got there? Before the modern water heater, to get heated water, people would have to rely on boiling water on a stove or fire or naturally heated water such as mineral hot springs. A warm bath was truly a luxury as it was both labor intensive and time consuming to provide heated water.

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Winter Is Coming! Brace Yourself with A 28- Point Heating Inspection!

The cool fall weather is here! As homeowners embark on autumn adventures like pumpkin picking excursions, pumpkin spice lattes and fall sightseeing, we want to remind you that fall is the predecessor to winter! Yeah we know....huge downer, but we're here to give you a gentle reminder that fall only lasts for a brief time, and during that break from severe weather, you need to be preparing your home's heating system for the yearly battle against the cold! Being caught off-guard is NOT an option!

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