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Labor Day Weekend: HVAC Checklist

Labor Day Weekend! It's finally here. Besides the beach traffic that is sure to plague you during this holiday, you've got a vacation to look forward to! A break is needed, even if it's only a long weekend! So what are your plans? Heading out of town? Many homeowners are abandoning their routine in favor of an out of town weekend! Before you leave your house, we've got a checklist of what you'll need to do to prepare your HVAC for your absence! Protecting your home, especially when you're away, is imperative! Take a gander at our labor day weekend HVAC checklist!

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Drowning In Utility Bills? What You Should Know About Leak Detection!

Each month, homeowners receive bills in the mail, and although these aren’t necessarily items they look forward to, they’ve become used to opening the envelopes and going over the charges. Most of the time, they aren’t surprised by what they see, yet, have you ever ripped open that water bill only to find that it’s soared since last month? Or maybe it’s gradually gotten higher and you barely noticed. Either way, your bill can creep up on you. So what’s the cause of this sudden inflation? More often then not, the rise is due to water leaks!

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3 "No Brainer" Plumbing Tips Every Homeowner Should Know!

Most homeowners aren't plumbers. This is a fact. No one ever said you had to be, that's what plumbers are for! So why should you ever have to know anything about plumbing? The answer is simple: to avoid everyday blunders that could create an issue when you might desperately NEED a plumber's assistance. Although we are always ready, we know that you'd rather call for a leaky sink, than a flooded basement!

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Record Cool? Don't Let The Weather Leave You Unprepared!

Well, here we are, enjoying the first days of August, one of the hottest months of the summer. The question is, will it be a cool August? Normally, this isn't a logical query, but this year after our record breaking cool July, it's very valid! Although those 70 something days in the midst of summer have been delightful, we have a warning for you; don't get too comfortable! With some mild weather behind us, homeowners will be tempted to believe that the worst of the heat is over, opening their windows and neglecting that A/C that hasn't been pumping too well. If you're avoiding getting your A/C serviced because of the "cool weather we've been having", think again, because the heat will be back in full force!

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