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5 Tips To Survive The Heat Wave!

June is nearly over, and the hottest months of the summer are right behind it! Northern Virginia is kicking it off with a heat wave from Tuesday-Thursday. Be prepared for 95 degree weather! For those of us who anticipate the heat, this is great news, but for many, weather above 75 can be severely uncomfortable, as well as dangerous! Here are 5 tips for staying on top of the heat wave this summer!

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"Did You Know" HVAC Maintenance Series: Air Filter Replacement

We hope you've had a relaxing weekend and are getting a great start on your Monday routine. With the beginning of July right around the corner, we know you've been pumping your home's air conditioning to combat this summer heat! Not only is July a month characterized by its heat, it's also a patriotic month! The 4th of July is a time to celebrate freedom, and we all know that family will gather together to enjoy this holiday...possibly at your home. If this is the case, you'll want to be sure your A/C is pumping full force! If you anticipate a house full of guests on the 4th, or for seasonal bar-b-q's in general, then get ready to maintain that HVAC like we've discussed in our HVAC Maintenance Series. If you've already gotten our inspection, then you've noticed the savings on your monthly bill!

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A/C Stealing Your Vacation? The Importance of HVAC Maintenance

This Spring, make sure that your air conditioning is cooling your home the way it should: with efficiency! Don't use vacation money on fixing or replacing an air conditioner; maintain and protect, with F.H. Furr's Home Comfort Inspection! Invest in your HVAC Maintenance!

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Programmable Thermostat Equals Savings!

Saving money. This is an act that we hate and love at the same time. Got some clothing on sale? You saved a buck, and you’re proud of it! Turned down that beach vacation with the extended family because you’re “watching your pennies”…that’s an act of saving that doesn’t feel quite so good.

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Insulation Issues? 3 Realities of Attic Insulation

What’s fluffy, pink, white or yellow and hides in your attic, unnoticed? Why, it’s your insulation of course! You may be wondering, “Who cares?” but the thing is, the insulation in your attic is a large part of what keeps you comfortable all year long. So the answer is, “You”. Many homeowners don't realize that insulation is not just important for keeping heat in, but it's just as important for keeping it out! Here are three important facts about insulation that Fairfax homeowners should know that could save them money and improve their comfort and the safety of their home. Here are 3 realities of attic insulation!

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Did You Know?: HVAC Maintenance Series: A/C Unit Longevity

Well folks, summer has officially begun! That means Bar-B-Q’s, weekends spent poolside and beach vacations! It also means the start of your cooling working overtime. Your might not notice it, but your HVAC systems are running consistently, heat in the winter, cooling in the summer. Even if you’re one of those who have taken your HVAC for granted, you certainly notice when it breaks down! Why? Because your home is either stifling or frigid…neither is acceptable. How can you increase your A/C Unit Longevity?