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411 On Your Septic System

An issue with your septic tank can be one of the most embarrassing, inconvenient and expensive home disasters out there! Over the years, F.H. Furr has seen some common septic tank problems that could have been easily avoided had homeowners been aware of the following precautions. When a serious problem occurs, we encourage our customers to seek professional service, but we also want them to have options so that they can take action to stop the problem before it starts! Take a look at this list of helpful tips and be proactive against these threats to your septic tank system!

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Enlightenment On The Gas Furnace Pilot Light

Did you know that during America’s colonial period colonists kept a little flame burning as a simple and accessible means to light a stove or fireplace whenever needed? They named this light a “pilot”, and it’s from this little historical “fun fact” we derive our modern gas furnace pilot lights. Scary to think that we could be in the same shoes as the colonists if our pilot light happened to go out during the winter months! Before you panic, F.H. Furr wants to give you a helpful “how-to” to keep that little light of yours shining…

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How to Flush Your Hot Water Heater!

Ask F.H. Furr: What is the best way to Eliminate Sediment in Your Water Heater?

Here's a great question that came into us from Alex A. of Washington, DC. Here the best way to Eliminate sediment, in 10 easy steps!

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