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Learn the Lingo: Common Plumbing Terms

What the blazes is a ‘closet auger’? A ‘branch drain’? You’re advised to think twice before identifying ‘balancing ell’ as a circus routine involving a hefty gray mammal with large fan-shaped ears and a trunk. The truth is, plumbing seems to have its own language, leaving many a homeowner lost and confused when trying to communicate with technicians about any plumbing topic from access panels to zeolites. Don’t be stuck in the “It’s all Greek to me!” mindset, take a look below at a list of common plumbing terms. Maintaining a basic understanding of the terminology will help you communicate with trained plumbing professionals, as well as enable you to have a “leg up” on the issue before deciding to contact an F.H. Furr professional.

Common Plumbing Terms:

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Ask F.H. Furr: Why is my sink leaking?

Question submitted by Rush E. Herndon, VA.
Let’s talk about leaks. There’s a reason why “a constant dripping” is a common idiom used for anything irritating or infuriating. Let’s face it, leaky faucets leave no room for patience—and rightly so! Time is money, and the longer that faucet drips, the more money you’re losing down the drain! In fact, The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported that a home may waste an estimated 10,000 gallons of water a year—enough to supply a swimming pool! The good news is, such a pesky problem usually requires a very simple fix. Contact our trained professionals now and bid your leaky faucet “Farewell!”

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Ask F.H. Furr: My heat went out, what should I check for?

Question submitted by Julia P. Reston, VA
Julia, it's the true beginning of the cold winter months, and we're hoping you're asking this question for future reference, and not because you're experiencing no heat! The cold can be miserable, it's important to know that your house is always warm. Even if you don't mind the cold, you know that the home is where you want ideal temperatures to stay. So, picture this scenario; you're sitting in your living room with the family, it's been a long day and you're watching your favorite show, you feel that things should be perfect. But something is off...and then you realize the problem: it's freezing! You get up to check the thermostat which is sitting at a whopping 60 in the middle of winter. Perplexed, you wonder if someone turned it down without your knowledge. You shrug and increase the temperature. But what if nothing happens? What if it continues to remain cold and your home turns into an igloo before you realize what hit you? That's when you come to the earth shattering realization that something is wrong with your heating system.

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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Warm Up for Winter?

This question was sent in by Mary F. of Great Falls, VA

Winter is upon us! Tis’ the season for Christmas caroling, gift giving, and enjoying the cool weather indoors....wait, that last part isn’t right! During the holidays, our homes are meant to be warm and inviting, yet some of us feel like we’re stuck in the North Pole with our teeth chattering, walking around the house in our heaviest coat.

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