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Save Energy! Insulate Your Windows In 5 Easy Steps!

Homeowners in Northern Virginia are preparing their homes for the cool temperatures. Whether your home is old or brand new, there can be drafts that find their way in, wasting energy and causing coolness throughout your home. One of the main sources of drafts is from the windows. Many people find that when they stand by a window, they feel colder. That’s because there are small cracks within the workings of the window itself, and the glass isn’t much of a barrier from the elements.

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Fall Allergies, Their Causes, and How to Find Relief!

It’s fall! The weather is gorgeous, the leaves are beginning to change and being outside is a must! But how come you’re still sneezing like it’s the first day of spring? Unfortunately, fall brings on a whole new set of symptoms, and these different allergens can cause sneezing, coughing, itchy and watery eyes, runny or itchy nose and dark circles under the eyes. So let’s dig a littler deeper to discover the root of these fall allergies and find out how to relieve them.
So what is the cause of fall allergies?

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No Electricity? You're Not A Caveman, Don't Live Like One

Have you ever considered how long you and your family can live on emergency mode? Without electricity, many of our everyday necessities are put in jeopardy, hot water, heating, refrigeration, lights... The list goes on and on. Have you protected your home from the dangers of severe weather or power outage? An investment in a standby generator will have you living with all the comforts of home while your neighbors stockpile flashlights and miss hot showers.

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Step Five: Prep Your Water Heater

The final step in your preparation for fall weather is one of the most important! Your water heater is a year-round system, but it becomes even more necessary in the cool months!