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What is Up-front or Flat Rate pricing?

Let me start off by saying...WE SELL A SERVICE NOT HOURS, you need the job done and done right, regardless, with out having to worry about how long the job takes or whether you are being charged extra for necessary trips to the supply house, or that you shouldn’t ask questions because that will slow the tech down (We actually encourage it, a more knowledgeable informed customer is a better customer) and increase billable time and what you pay. We feel the customer has a right to know the price before the work is performed.

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Garbage Disposal 101

That hole in your kitchen sink... A small and powerful household appliance that we often overlook. Do we really know how to take proper care of our garbage disposal? It's easy to overlook a common household commodity that we often use, until it's no longer functioning that is. Not to fear, with these few household tips and tricks, you'll be garbage disposal savvy in no time.

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Winter storm warnings are in effect for the Leesburg VA area…

… Are you prepared for winter storms? AVOID POWER OUTAGES AND THEIR HARMFUL EFFECTS!

Power outages are occur more frequently in Northern Virginia during the summer and winter months (The most important times to have air conditioning and heating, by the way) more than any other time of year. They can last for days and have uncomfortable and dangerous effects. One way to protect yourself is with a Whole Home Generator, you’re protected from disaster!

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