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The 5-Part Recipe for Keeping Cool This Summer

We’re willing to bet you’ve been swapping recipes with a neighbor or two here in Alexandria, VA…maybe for a crisp new cocktail, perhaps. We won’t deny that’s one way to stay cool this summer. But if you’re still feeling a little hot and bothered, try F.H. Furr’s 5-Part recipe for keeping cool. With only five “ingredients,” our recipe is simple, but will enable you to experience your most comfortable summer yet. If you want to thank us later, you can forward along that mojito recipe – or better yet, bring us a batch.

How to end the hot room/cold room dilemma

Hot room/cold room: it’s the heating and air-conditioning repair industry’s version of good cop/bad cop. You know the drill. One room in your house is frigid, while another (usually a large and/or important room) refuses to cool off no matter what you do. Try these six tips to keep the battle of good versus evil at bay.