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Garbage Disposer 101

It’s a pretty safe bet you learned a lot during your educational career, but sometimes algebra or English lit just don’t cut it when you’re faced with day-to-day issues. If you find yourself scratching your head when it comes to that garbage disposal thing in your sink, consider this your cheat sheet. The best part? There’s no test afterward.

How to Change the Look of your Kitchen In Alexandria, VA

It’s spring: skies are blue, flowers are in bloom, rain showers dot the afternoon. It’s the time of growth and change. If your kitchen is stuck somewhere back in 1970, never fear. With just a few easy upgrades, you can bring this overlooked room into the new millennium. Here's how to change the look of your kitchen!

Ways to unclog a drain by some of the best Arlington VA Plumbers

Despite being given little attention, pipes are a vital component of a home’s integrity – not to mention the comfort of its occupants. If you find yourself with an unwanted back-up, try one of these little-known remedies to keep everything flowing smoothly.

Beware of Shady HVAC Installers (and how to spot them)

Sure, there are tons of heating and air conditioning repair guys in the Fairfax area, but how do you know which to hire? They may say they’re licensed, but do they keep up with the latest industry trends and advances? Do they do quality work? And most importantly, do you trust them enough to let them into your home?