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Top 10 Home Cooling Myths


There are a lot of things that make your home comfortable, but your HVAC system ranks pretty high on the list. Unfortunately, your cooling bill can make you a lot less comfortable during the hot summer months! There are a lot of ways to keep your home cool, but beware of home cooling myths that can do more harm than good! Read on to get the skinny on keeping your home comfortable this summer!

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10 Higher Utility Bill Creators With Heating and AC Service

Culprit #1: Houseguests. In addition to causing your stress level to rise, houseguests can also cause your energy bill to spike. More people in the house means more dishes to wash, more folks taking showers (we hope) and more bodies creating heat, causing you to lower the air conditioning to keep those pesky guests comfortable. Next year, insist on going to their house.

The 10 Biggest Problems For Plumbers In Arlington

There are a lot of home improvement problems that aren’t a big deal. Plumbing isn’t one of them. At the first sign of trouble, these issues often send homeowners straight to the phone book to find the nearest professional, and rightly so. Plumbing issues can make life inconvenient (a kitchen sink disposal that doesn’t quite work) or downright miserable (toilet issues – enough said). If you recognize any of the 10 problems for plumbers below, it may be time to call for help.