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“Why Is It So Painful to Pay $4 for a Gallon of Gas…

But ‘no big deal’ to pay nearly $20 a gallon for bottled water?”

Packaging perhaps? Or because it “seems” healthy, maybe you feel bottled water is something exotic and superior to common tap water. Big news here: When you see the phrase “Purified by reverse osmosis” on your bottled water, it sure sounds impressive, but it means only one thing: filtered tap water.

The Importance Of Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Summer time means vacation time! But during the year, your air conditioning system accumulates dust and dirt, making it less efficient and costing you additional money in utility bills. Add on lack of regular HVAC tune-ups and maintenance, and you can count on your air handler breaking down before you can say, "Summer vacation!" Don't give in without a fight, and don't let your A/C eat away at your vacation funds!