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Do I Need More Insulation?

What "R" you talking about?

April S. of Ashburn, VA asked this question recently after receiving a Whole Home Energy And Duct Performance Audits. Climate, home construction, life style and utility prices all impact the costs to heat and cool your home. Adequate insulation can be a great equalizer. With our Thermal Imaging technology, we can actually see where you are either lacking or missing insulation altogether.

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What is the need of an Energy Audit and air conditioning repair?

You get regular check-ups for your car, your finances, your job performance, your kids’ behavior at school and especially for your body. Why wouldn’t you get a check-up for your home? "Audit" may be associated with “unpleasant” in your book (especially if you’ve ever tangled with the IRS), but an energy audit may be the very thing you need to efficiently solve problems you didn’t know you had.

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