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Head to Head Comparison of Water Heaters to Tankless Water Heaters

Sometimes called an on-demand water heater, tankless water heaters operate differently than traditional storage tank heaters. Instead of the always-on, finite supply of hot water that conventional tank heaters provide, a tankless system uses energy only on demand, providing hot water when needed.

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Is A Ductless System The Best Option for Your Home?

Traditional air conditioning and heating systems use forced-air ductwork that is typically installed in attics or crawlspaces, taking up lots of room. While these systems are appropriate for a large variety of applications, your home may benefit from a ductless heating and cooling system instead.

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Frequently Asked Heating Questions

Getting familiar with your heating system can help you recognize when it requires attention, thereby avoiding costly repairs from an unknown problem, and also save energy with lower utility costs. Contact your furnace repair specialist for more information, and you can enjoy lower heating bills and increased efficiency with the right knowledge.

Can a Water Heater Explode Through Your Roof?

It may sound fanciful, but water heaters regularly build up steam pressure within as a part of their daily operation. Relief valves are designed to let off excess pressure and keep the water heater within safe limits, but is it possible for a faulty water heater to actually explode?

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