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How Getting Your Plumbing Ready for Winter Can Lower Your Energy Bill

As cold weather sets in, you’ll want to make sure the plumbing in your home is ready to withstand its effects. Burst pipes and frozen water lines are always a risk for unprotected homes, and you could face high utility bills due to energy loss without the proper insulation. An experienced plumber can help you get your home prepared for the coming winter in just a few steps.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Home Warm and Pockets Full This Winter

We all know the energy bill reaches steep peaks during the summer and winter months. So to help you all out, we’ve put together a list of some simple ways to lower your bill this winter while staying warm. We hope you enjoy our list of cheap heating tips and tricks, but of course, you’re welcome to give us a call if you’re looking for more ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. For all your Fairfax, VA heating needs, call us at (703) 496-5016.

Video Of The Inner Workings Of A Water Heater

Have you ever wondered how your hot water heater is able to heat your water so quickly and keep it hot? How It's Made had a great episode on water heaters and completely deconstructed one to illustrate the science behind these machines we use every day. As the cooler weather approaches, it’s important to make sure that your hot water heater is working properly. Watch this video to learn more about the function and efficiency of your home’s hot water heater.

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Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

As the fall months come to a close, is your home ready for the Fairfax winter weather ahead? Check out the following tips for preparing your air conditioning unit to rest and your heating system to go to work.

2 Green Tips For Cleaning Your Shower heads

Have you noticed your water pressure getting weaker over time The mineral-rich waters often deposit sediments into the pores of your showerhead and sick faucets. Here’s another plumber tip for you: There’s a simple solution that only costs a few cents, and is actually safe for the environment. “A green cleaning product!” you ask. Yes, there is a simple disinfectant that actually removes minerals that is sitting in your kitchen right now. For most surfaces in your bathroom, especially your plumbing hardware, a mixture of white vinegar and water will do the trick.