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With all the information on the internet these days, it's hard to determine what’s actually true!

So here are 5 HVAC myths that we’ve officially busted so that you never need to wonder again! 

MYTH 1: There’s no need to change your HVAC system’s filters regularly.

Busted: Dirty filters can cause up to 10% increase in your cooling bill. Don’t discount this easy maintenance, replace your filters every three months. They also help maintain proper indoor air quality.

MYTH 2: Closing vents in empty rooms will increase energy efficiency and keep the air in the rooms I use most often.

Busted: This can actually cause your vents to leak because of the increased air pressure in your ducts. 

MYTH 3: The location of my thermostat doesn’t matter. 

Busted: Your thermostat functions best when placed in a central area of the home. Your HVAC technician will be able to determine the best spot for it. 

MYTH 4: New HVAC systems don’t need maintenance. 

Busted: An HVAC system is a complex machine. Just like a car, it needs annual tune-ups no matter how new or old. This can save you from major problems and prevent a broken A/C unit in the heat of summer or broken heater in the dead of winter. 

MYTH 5: I need to put a cover on the outdoor unit during the winter.

Busted: If you place a cover over your HVAC it creates a seal and speeds up corrosion. Simply place a board on top of the fan if a heavy snow fall is expected. If your HVAC system utilizes a heat pump, don’t cover it because it will run all year long. 

If you have questions about your HVAC system, our knowledgable technicians are ready to help! For more information on heating and cooling systems, please call on us to schedule an appointment for routine maintenance. 

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