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5 Electrical Safety Tips To Stay Safe This Summer

5 Electrical Safety Tips To Stay Safe This Summer

As summer continues, we rely more on electrical devices to keep cool, entertain, and enjoy the season. However, it’s crucial to prioritize electrical safety to prevent accidents and ensure a worry-free summer.

As experts in the electrical industry, the F.H. Furr team wants to share some essential electrical tips to keep you and your loved ones safe this summer.

  1. Stay cool, stay safe: Air conditioning is a summer essential, but it’s important to use it wisely. Ensure your AC is well-maintained, clean the filters regularly, and have it serviced by a professional if needed. Keep flammable materials away from the unit and never cover or block the air vents.
  2. Outdoor precautions: Summer means spending more time outdoors, so it’s essential to be mindful of electrical safety in outdoor spaces. Use outdoor electrical outlets and extension cords that are specifically designed for outdoor use. Keep them protected from the elements and out of the rain. If you plan to install lighting, decorations, or outdoor appliances, consult an F.H. Furr electrician to ensure proper installation and avoid overloading circuits.
  3. Pool and water safety: Pools, spas, and water-related activities are popular during summer, but they pose unique electrical hazards. Install ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) around water sources, such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and outdoor receptacles. GFCIs detect electrical imbalances and quickly shut off the power to prevent electric shock. Never use electrical devices near water, and be cautious with the placement of extension cords to avoid tripping hazards.
  4. Grill with care: Barbecues and outdoor grilling go hand in hand with summer, but it’s essential to use caution when using electrical equipment in these settings. Keep electrical cords and appliances away from hot surfaces and open flames. Make sure the electrical connections are secure and protected from water or moisture. If using electric grills, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never leave them unattended while in use.
  5. Lightning protection: Summer also brings thunderstorms, and it’s important to be prepared for electrical storms and protect your home and electronics from lightning strikes. Unplug sensitive electronic devices during storms to prevent damage from power surges. Install surge protectors to safeguard appliances and electronics from sudden voltage spikes. It’s also best to have a professional electrician inspect and ensure your home’s grounding system is in proper working condition. It might be a good idea to install a whole-home generator to protect your family from unexpectedly being without power and AC.

Electrical safety should be a top priority as you enjoy the summer season. By following these essential electrical tips, you can stay safe, prevent accidents, and have peace of mind.

Remember to prioritize regular maintenance, consult professionals when needed, and exercise caution around electrical devices and water sources. With these precautions, you can fully embrace the summer while keeping electrical hazards at bay.

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