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28 Point Cooling Maintenance And Reliability Inspection

Now that it’s Summertime and the weather is utterly warm and bright, it’s time for your AC to kick into high gear. However, during the year, your Air Conditioning system accumulates dust and dirt, making it less efficient and costing you additional money in utility bills. Add on the lack of regular AC Tune Up and maintenance, and you can count on your heat pump or air handled breaking down before you can say, “Summer Vacation.” Maintaining your system is the easiest, most efficient and effective way to keep your home comfortable all summer long. “An inspection ensures your equipment is operating safely and is a great way to guarantee that you won’t be caught off guard with an unforeseen Air Conditioning breakdown this summer—when demand for air conditioning is at its peak. Preventive maintenance also saves money by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns.”—Floyd Furr

Listed below are some of the 28 Points of the Cooling Maintenance And Reliability Inspection.

  • Visually Inspect Capacitors For Leakage And Rust
  • Inspect Readily Accessible Ducts For Obvious Air Leaks
  • Inspect Air Filtration System
  • Inspect Unit Wiring And Electrical Disconnect
  • Inspect Contractor For Pits Or Burns
  • Inspect Fan Blade For Cracks Or Defects
  • Check And Record Operating Pressures And Temperatures
  • Check Refrigerant Level 
  • Inspect Cooling System For Unusual Vibration Or Loose Parts
  • Check Evaporator For Adequate Airflow
  • Check Overall Operation Of System

Not only will you benefit from having a working Air Conditioning in the heat of summer, but your Air Conditioner will thank you as well. Listed below are the ways in which your AC and you will profit from this inspection.

  • Longer System Life
  • Reduced Repair And Energy Cost
  • Warranty Protection
  • Safety And Reliability Assurance
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Consistent Cooling All Summer Long
  • F.H.Furr’s Risk-Free Guarantee                                   

F.H.Furr’s Risk-Free Guarantee entails that for the entire summer, if your cooling system breaks down after our inspection, we’ll come out to your home for free! No dispatch or diagnostic fees! And we’ll give you a refund for the price of inspection, NO QUESTIONS ASKED! HVAC and Cooling Maintenance might not seem like a top priority…..until your system breaks down, turning your home into an unwanted sauna. Stay on top of your AC and call us today. If you have any other questions or concerns contact F.H.Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical.

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