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2016 Nationals Winterfest In The Books!


Once again this year, Nationals Winterfest was on the books in December for our F.H. Furr Cares Team!

The Racing Presidents and Screech were there to have a Home Run contest and MAN! those guys can get competitive! There were Nat Pack team members on stage throwing swag to the crowd after competitions to see which side of the crowd could be louder and plenty of opportunities to win!

Stephen Strasburg was signing autographs and the Snow Globe exhibit was especially a pretty busy area too with fans getting their photos taken with many of the players! Trea Turner had quite the line for photos with him as well!


We also brought back our sponsorship of “The Slider” and once again it was by far the most popular.  Tons of people stood in line to walk up to the top and sit in a tube, hoping to get a push from one of their favorite players! Here’s one of our F.H. Furr Prize Pack winners meeting Max Scherzer!

One of the longest lines was for an attraction that made its’ debut in the 2016 Nationals season! If you guessed F.H. Furr’s Plumbing Plinko - YOU ARE CORRECT! F.H. Furr SWAG, Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC inspections, Duct Cleaning and even the Grand Prize of a 4 Pack of Nationals tickets were QUITE the draw! Our Cares team had such a great time meeting so many new people and hardly had anything left over at the end of the fan fest! Here's a couple of our fans dropping chips to WIN!

Once again - the F.H. Furr team walks away with a “Curly W” in the books!

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