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Infographic: 5 Indoor Air Quality Facts

Recognizing and controlling common indoor pollutants can help reduce your risk of health concerns. Here are 4 Indoor Air Quality Facts to help you better understand the indoor air you breathe. 

Topics: Safety Indoor Air Quality IAQ IAQ Facts

5 Silent Signs Your Home Has An Electrical Problem

Although you use electricity in your home every day, some electrical warning signs are easy to overlook or even ignore. Even the quietest electrical problems can add up and turn into something worse. These warning signs may not be loud, but they should be taken seriously. 

Topics: Electrical Safety Electricity Electrical Wiring Electrical Service Electrical Hazards

Infographic: 3 Main Causes Of Home Electrical Fires

Are you one of the many homeowners who prioritize safety first? Then you should know the 3 main causes of home electrical fires!


Topics: Electrical Electrical Safety Fire Hazards Electrical Hazards

How To Stay Cool At Night: 6 Ways To Beat The Heat!

Are you having trouble sleeping at night because your bedroom is WAY TOO HOT? Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to just crank up the A/C. Thankfully there are budget-friendly ways to keep you cool this summer!

Topics: Air Conditioning Cooling HVAC Cooling Service Cooling System

Infographic: 4 Fun Facts About Plumbing

Here are 4 fun plumbing facts you might not know!

Topics: F.H. Furr - Infographic Plumbing Plumber Plumbing Facts

Ask A Trainer: Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor

Ask A Trainer from F.H. Furr answers, "What makes F.H. Furr different, and how can homeowners choose the best company for their job?”

Topics: Choosing An HVAC Contractor HVAC System HVAC Unit HVAC HVAC Technician

Infographic: 5 Factors That Increase The Need For A Duct Cleaning

Are you thinking about scheduling a duct cleaning, but you're not sure if your ducts are dirty again? This infographic breaks down the 5 factors that increase the need for a duct cleaning in your home! 

Topics: Dust Duct Cleaning HVAC System Home Renovation HVAC pets

What You Should Know About Proactive Vs. Reactive HVAC Replacement

So you’ve got an old heating and cooling unit—right now it’s doing its job, but not at the level it used to. But…should you replace if it’s not completely broken yet? This is the debate of reactive vs. proactive HVAC replacement, and many homeowners are weighing their options.

Topics: Cooling and Heating Air Conditioning HVAC System HVAC Replacement

Infographic: The Refrigeration Cycle Simplified

Have you ever been curious about how your HVAC system cools your home? This infographic breaks down the refrigeration cycle to help you understand air conditioning!

Topics: HVAC System HVAC Unit HVAC Refrigeration Cycle

Ask A Trainer: Understanding The Germ-Killing Properties Of UV Light

With so many viruses and germs in the air, our trainers are explaining the three types of UV light and their ability to kill germs!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality IAQ UV Light UV-C Light UV Air Cleaner