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What Is Sewer Line Locating? Why Do I Need It?

Sewer line locating services gives you an exact location, flow direction and depth of your sewer main drain pipe. Most commonly it is required to find a damaged main drain line or sewer pipe to diagnose a repair or a full replacement from the house to the street.

Sewer line locating service is also good idea for new home owners so that they know their home and yard and know where they can dig or plant landscape. Also understanding the direction and condition of the main drain lines, the homeowner know the sewer pipes that are running under the property are in good condition and will not require any major, expensive excavations in the near future.

It’s also a prerequisite for existing homeowner that may have home remodel plans especially if the remodel is expansive as a new addition, driveway, porch, manmade pond, etc.

sewer line locaiton service fairfax va

How Is Sewer Line Locating Done?

Sewer line locating service uses many highly technical tools for detecting lines. Our rooter professionals are continually trained out these different pieces of equipment which includes sonar equipment.

Our Rooterologist™ will bring our sewer line locating device to your site, that looks a lot like a metal detector but detects the old sewer main lines. Our professional rooter waves the locator across the ground listening to the pings that are picked up. The sewer line locating system is excellent in heavy traffic areas and water proof so we can even locate lines on a rainy day.

If you are having issues with your sewer line or getting ready to remodel, a Sewer Line Locating Service is exactly what you need!

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