Crawlspace Encapsulation

crawlspace encapsulation leesburg virginia

Keep Your Home Structurally Sound By Vaporizing Moisture & Reduce Energy Costs With Crawlspace Encapsulation in Leesburg, VA!

The crawl space may not be the most exciting part of your home, but it does have its uses. You have to be able to reach the plumbing and wiring somehow, right? Unfortunately, this tiny and often-overlooked area can cause a myriad of problems with far-reaching effects.

Crawl space encapsulation seeks to mitigate these problems by protecting the crawl space from moisture. A plastic vapor barrier is used to line the entire space. It’s secured with sturdy mechanical fasteners and sealed with caulk. Then either a dehumidifier or a crawl space conditioning system is installed to keep the air dry.

There’s a lot of water in the ground beneath your home, which can vaporize or even puddle, depending on where you live. When the water combines with stagnant air and cool temperatures, rot and decay set in. Improperly ventilated crawl spaces can lead to serious structural problems as floor joists and framing become compromised. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that your crawl space may be damaging your home:

  • Warped or buckling floors
  • Mildewed carpets
  • Rust
  • Peeling paint
  • Musty odors

And it’s not just structural damage you have to watch out for. Rodents, bugs and pests of all kinds love dark, dank areas, and snakes love rodents, bugs and pests. Encapsulating your crawl space can protect your home and family from the damage of these uninvited guests.

Do You Have Your Ear, Nose And Throat Doctor On Speed Dial?

That air coming out of your vents may not be as clean as you think. Cut out the doctor visits and allergy prescriptions by having your home encapsulated. Airflow naturally circulates from the bottom of your home to the top. When mold and mildew thrive in your crawl space, air quality is dramatically reduced in the rest of the home. Up to half the air you breathe on the first floor comes from the crawl space, causing many health and respiratory problems, including:

  • Allergies
  • Nasal/sinus congestion
  • Skin, eye, ear, nose and throat irritation
  • Asthma-like symptoms


Save On Energy Costs With Crawl Space Encapsulation in Leesburg

It’s a fact: homes with encapsulated crawl spaces have lower heating and cooling costs than homes with exposed crawl spaces.  When a crawl space is improperly insulated, there’s no way to control the amount of air inadvertently entering or exiting the crawl space.

In the summer, hot air enters from outside, and since hot air rises, your air conditioner has to struggle more as additional air from the crawl space flows into your home. In the winter, cold air enters, making the air with the crawl space – and the floor above it – colder. Your heating system will work harder to compensate for the extra cold air and the cold floors.

By encapsulating your crawl space, it maintains a steady temperature year-round. The even temperature will help fend off moisture.

Heating and cooling costs typically drop by over 15% with Crawl Space Encapsulation Moisture barriers, as proven by Department of Energy research.

leesburg crawlspace encapsulationThe research project has shown that closed crawl spaces do a much better job of controlling crawl space moisture levels than do well-built wall-vented crawl spaces. While relative humidity in the wall-vented crawl spaces exceeds 80% for the majority of the spring and summer months, the closed crawl space designs control relative humidity below 65% during the same period.”

“The research also shows that the homes built on closed crawl spaces save up to 15% on annual energy usage for heating and cooling when compared to the homes built on wall vented crawl space foundations.”

“Properly closed crawlspaces are substantially drier and more energy efficient than well constructed, code-compliant, vented crawlspaces.” – Advanced Energy/Department Of Energy Research Study