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Help! My Heat Pump Is Frozen! 3 Helpful Tips to Thaw It Out!

Well, it looks as if we can expect a little more winter weather before spring! F.H. Furr wants to take the opportunity to talk to you about your exterior heat pump. While you’re preoccupied with business indoors, don’t let your outdoor heat pump be “out of sight, out of mind”. Heat pumps are prone to freeze up during the winter. Now, we know that you are itching for spring. March is just around the corner, turning our thoughts towards pleasant things like the Easter holiday, cherry blossoms, and those delicious seasonal marshmallow peeps! However, before you get ahead of yourself and burst out in a jovial song of “new beginnings”, remember that the weather has been bipolar and that there is a chance of snow in the coming weeks! Anticipate what you can do to prevent your heat pump from freezing when the temperature drops!

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5 Fast Facts: HVAC Filters

You're probably familiar with your HVAC system's filter, but we've got some facts about how a filter should be used that are important when it comes to improving the life of your system. Check it out!

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Communication is Key.

As you know by now, F.H. Furr takes great pride in being “Absolutely The Best," and we’ve been personifying that motto since 1981. One of the ways we choose to focus on being better for our customers is through great communication. We believe that communicating clearly and accurately, as well as being up front with our customers, helps keep us stay at the top of our game!

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Mechanics, Equipment & Fully Stocked Trucks-What's This Mean For You?

You may have heard F.H. Furr in Northern Virgnia talking about how we're prepared for every job with fully stocked trucks, an in-house parts warehouse, and skilled mechanics. Well, yada yada yada--at the end of the day, what does this actually mean for you, the customer?

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Space Heater: Top 5 Reasons This Heating Alternatives Is A Bad Idea!

We've all been there; the heating system goes out and you just don't want to fork over the money to have someone come take a look at it and try to fix the issue. So you choose a quick fix instead. You run to Target, find their most "medium expensive" space heater and stock up. One for each room that you frequent, should about do it!

You're feeling pretty accomplished at this point. Sure, you might not have solved the bigger problem, but you certainly put it off for a while, that'll save some money, right? Well actually, this is wrong. Not only is it inefficient, but it can be a potential danger to you and your home! Here are the top five reasons that choosing this heating alternative is a bad idea!

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Prepare For The Cold! 5 Tips To Eliminate Freezing Pipes!

As we prepare for frigid weather, homeowners are wondering how they can keep their home safe and protected from these icy temperatures. Freezing pipes are one of the most common plumbing disasters, going hand-in-hand with winter. With lows in the single digits, there is more urgency to take preventative measures against frozen piping in your home’s plumbing! Here are some simple tips that can help you stay ahead of the game!

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We Train Like NO Other.

F.H. Furr offers to its employees, through training and certifications, the ability to progress in the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical or Indoor Air Quality fields. Our training facility comes complete with a full-working wet and HVAC lab and state-of-the-art classrom and computer lab to enable the trainees to have access to the most up to date information available.

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Winterize Your Home in Five Easy Steps

Summer is in swing, but reminders that the Fall is soon approaching are all around us... From Back-to-School Sales and cooling temperatures, the signs that the Fall and Winter are approaching cannot be missed. With still optimal outdoor temperatures, now is the perfect time to gear up your home for the coming months ahead, and with them, cooler weather. Here are five easy steps to winterize your home.

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5 Ways to Clear Your Shower Drain

Let’s face it, before calling in a professional most people like to try and fix plumbing issues themselves. Although we understand that saving time and money, and feeling that sense of accomplishment that you fixed something is great, it can be pretty dangerous to take plumbing matters into your own hands.

Still, if you’re a fixer and you want to give it a go, we’ve got some tips for you. This blog post is dedicated to clogged shower drains. This is an issue that we see frequently because shower drains can get easily clogged with hair, dirt, soap buildup, and debris. Customers want it fixed fast because a clogged shower drain causes water to pool up round your feet, and mold and mildew to accumulate in the shower. Here are 5 thing to try when you get a clog, and keep in mind, if these don’t solve your plumbing issue, we encourage you to give the experts at F.H. Furr a call!

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Ready to Join Our Winning Team?!

We believe that what makes us “Absolutely The Best” is OUR PEOPLE. Hiring only career-minded employees helps keep the turnover down, and helps our “Family Focused Atmosphere.” It also makes everyone around them more efficient and be team players.