Professional Development & Training

F.H. Furr has recognized that in order to provide our level of service, professional training must be an integral part of career development for all of our technicians.

At F.H. Furr, our slogan of “Absolutely the Best” isn’t just some marketing gimmick. It’s the cornerstone of our business.

We believe that if we provide “absolutely the best” technicians and customer service to our customers that we will build the relationships that will sustain our business for the next 30 years.

We do this in three principal ways:

“We Hire The Best”

We hire the best and most skilled technicians in the industry. Each of our technicians goes through a rigorous interview process with a skills evaluation, thorough background check and drug-testing.

“We Train The Best”

We offer the highest degree of ongoing professional development and training in the industry. Each of our technicians goes through a continuous training process under the tutelage of our Director of Training, Professor Michael Davis--one of the biggest reasons we have among the best trained technicians in the industry.

“We Equip Them With The Best”

We provide each of our technicians with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Every one of our trucks comes fully equipped with almost every stock item you could need to maximize our job efficiency and minimize unnecessary time delays for your repair or replacement.

professional development & training by fh furr

"Do It Right The First Time" Training
& Development

The success of our training facility is due in large part to the undeniable contribution of our Director of Training, Mr. G. Michael Davis. With over 30 years of experience propelling him, Mr. Davis has developed an awesome instructional flare that he honed while working as a college adjunct professor in the HVAC field. With expert skills in the areas of installation, service and teaching, Mr. Davis is one of our strongest tools in the training and development program. He has committed and dedicated himself to F.H. Furr and the success of every employee and trainee.

The company offers to its employees, through training and certifications, the ability to progress in their chosen career field. Our training facility comes complete with a full-working wet and HVAC lab and state-of-the-art classrom and computer lab to enable the trainees to have access to the most up to date information available. F.H. Furr’s lab facility is where trainees receive valuable hands-on experience as they develop and perfect those skills required by one of the most technologically advanced fields of study. In the lab, technicians apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and demonstrate the associated skills. We at F.H. Furr have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers with a level of service that is second to none. Certifications such as those required by the Environmental Protection Agency are offered on-site to all employees.

We have recognized that in order to provide this level of service that professional training must be an integral part of career development for all of our technicians. You, our customer, deserve “Absolutely the Best” and we believe that through continued training and career development we will always be able to proudly state that we are “Absolutely the Best”.

We believe that with consistent training and professional development, we can service all of our customers and get the job right the first time, every time. – Jesse Furr, Vice President